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Corona mutation on the march: Devilish turn - time for a radical step

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Cool logic

Why wander far away when the good is so close? That could be the guideline of our worldview at the moment. Vaccination campaign? Running. Incidence? Sinks. Summer? Coming (sometime). In this edifying atmosphere, the promises come easily. The EU has just promised help to self-help for those who have been hit in other parts of the world: In Africa they want to give the health sector a helping hand, and they will also help establish their own vaccine production, the Commission President promised Ursula von der Leyen - and as a precaution did not say that this time-consuming effort might be of use for the next pandemic, but no longer for this one. We will hear anointing words of solidarity today too, when in Rome the World health summit of the G20 countries meets. Those involved will cast the "shared commitment to a healthier, safer, more equitable and sustainable world" into one really powerful statement. Hallelujah!

Speaking of rituals, time for a short quiz: What percentage of the vaccines available are low-income countries currently receiving? Please only mention the number before the decimal point. Correct: zero. Exactly zero point three percentis the correct answer if you are finicky and have finally found the magnifying glass.

So let's get the rhetoric of humanity out of the way for a moment, because unfortunately it did not survive the fact check. In a pandemic, we can coolly see by observation, every nation is itself next. The solidarity was just enough for the intra-European coordination of vaccine procurement. As is well known, organizationally this only worked out moderately, but at least it prevented the Member States of the Community from attacking each other in a merciless competition. But globally? Cohesion and help for the weakest? Let's take a closer look at the zero.

Instead of lamenting the wickedness of the world at this point and adding another to the numerous appeals from the summit press conferences, I would like to invite you to a thought experiment. Let us take national egoisms for a moment for granted. If we're honest, the thought may not be entirely alien to us. Vaccine for Africa? Yes, of course - but now, let's get my vaccination! Kindly before the summer holidays! Little dalli! Does that sound familiar to you? Do you hear that everywhere, even if it is not said so clearly? So we hereby stipulate that every state may in our experiment only in the interests of their own citizens act. And that's why he's grabbing as much of the vaccine market as he can get. The people in Africa, South America, Pakistan or Nepal? We are not interested in this in our experiment. Or?

Yes, it does. Even egoists have learned from the pandemic: "Far away" does not mean "I don't care". The fact that Covid-19 can only be defeated globally, as the WHO repeats like a mantelpiece, is more than just a politically correct phrase. It is the unvarnished truth. Whether in Great Britain, South Africa, Brazil or India: wherever the virus spreads wildly, it has the chance to mutate - and then it does. For its attempts to hook us, to undermine our immune system and vaccination protection, it makes the whole globe its laboratory. And then it comes to us.

We have only just survived such an episode with mutant B.1.1.7 and the devastating winter wave. The next candidates are already in the starting blocks. The British are currently taking care of that India Originating virus variant for a lot of excitement, because it is still at a low level, but spreads very quickly. Even premier Boris Johnson, who never really worries about anything other than his own image has put a big question mark on the longed-for final lifting of all restrictions in June.

So the race against the virus is still not over. The British are trying as fast as possible when vaccinating the new version of the pathogen. Following the same logic, we too must strive to reach the finish line of the Herd immunity before the nasty new thing can settle in with us. Unfortunately, in the hustle and bustle, we don't always have in mind that we are still working on one further races take part. And this race is going on worldwide: the more we snatch every available vaccine dose in Europe, the further we fall behind globally and leave room for the virus. This way we don't throw the diabolical mutation machinery out of sync.

It is therefore wrong, even in the cold, self-centered world of our thought experiment, to pull out every ampoule of serum that we can get at. It's actually very simple: As long as production does not meet global demand, every remedy belongs where it is most effective. In the privileged part of the world to which we belong, requirements for storage, cooling and administration are not a hurdle and therefore make no difference in the vaccination rate: everything that is there finds its way almost straight to the next arm. But wherever you have to go on a long hike to the nearest health station, where the power fails again and again and every doctor has to care for more than ten times as many people as we do, an uncomplicated, undemanding vaccine like that of Johnson & Johnson, where a single injection is sufficient than Turbocharger for the vaccination campaign. Therefore, one can really only shake one's head at the fact that ten million doses of the serum will end up in Germany in June and July - instead of where their benefits would be so much greater. And another 26 million cans come later. With all worries about our own vaccination speed: That is inefficient. It hurts us. Such a means does not belong here. That may sound strange or even calculating to some ears. But logic is sometimes: just cool.


80 is just a number

Master Dylan when he was still picking the strings himself. (Source: Vi Khoa / epa / dpa / dpa)

They do exist, the gods of music, who inspire us for a lifetime with perfect melodies and poetic texts. Well, not every concert tears us off our stool anymore, not every record is a revelation. But then on a much too cold May morning we are on the way to work at the train station, plug the headphones into our ears - and hear it again, this incomparable, rousing sound true geniuses. I don't know what to do if you want to get in a good mood all of a sudden, but I recommend this. And when you are in a really good mood, read the interview that my colleague Marc von Lüpke and I with the Scorpions singer Klaus Meine have led: In it, the German rock star explains clearly why Bob Dylan, whose 80th birthday will be celebrated worldwide next Monday, in truth has no age - no matter what number is in his passport. Just a god.


The guns should be silent

Meuse, Netanyahu, drone debris. (Source: Koby Gideon / GPO / dpa / dpa)

More than 230 dead, more than 1,600 injured: According to both sides, this is the bitter result of the days of fighting between Israel and Hamas. Israel's head of government gave up yesterday Benjamin Netanyahu during the visit of the Foreign Minister Heiko Maas martial and presented his guest with debris from a downed drone in front of the cameras. But in the evening there was finally reason to breathe a sigh of relief: The warring sides have agreed on a ceasefire. From a ceasefire to a permanent ceasefire, however, there will still be a way to go: The Palestinians in the West Bank today have another "Day of wrath " announced.


Judgment in the Dresden murder trial

Murder, Attempted Murder, and Dangerous Assault: This is what the Federal Prosecutor's Office charges against the 21-year-old Syrian Abdullah al-H.,who had been known to the authorities as an Islamist threat since 2017. On October 4th of last year he is said to have stabbed a gay tourist couple in Dresden's old town for homophobic motives. One of the men from North Rhine-Westphalia died shortly afterwards in the hospital. His life partner survived seriously injured. While the defense pleads for a conviction of the defendant under juvenile law, the prosecution calls for life imprisonment. This morning the Dresden Higher Regional Court wants to announce its verdict.


Back to party

After months of lockdown, not only Germany's largest amusement park in Rust is opening its doors again for the first time. In Berlin restaurants and bars are allowed to serve guests again - only outside, but in Mitte, Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg it should be a spectacle: The party scene is celebrating its resurrection. Our reporters are there.


Read what

Annalena Baerbock does not take the transparency rules of her own party very carefully. (Source: imago images)

What is going on with the Greens, why did Ms. Baerbock not report her additional income to the Bundestag as prescribed - and why does the top candidate get thousands of euros from her party? Our reporters Johannes Bebermeier and Tim Kummert have researched the case and show how a failure could end the green soaring.


If you don't really want to read anything more about the Middle East conflict, please make an exception here and now: What the orientalist Daniel Gerlach explained in an interview with our foreign policy editor Patrick Diekmann is instructive.


For many people who were initially vaccinated with Astrazeneca, the second dose is to switch to Biontech. How does the immune system react to this? Are side effects really more common with vaccine combinations? Our health editor Melanie Weiner took a look at the study situation.


What amuses me

Sometimes a little something is enough to become a hero.

I wish you a heroic day. Tomorrow you will get the weekend dawn again with Marc Krüger (also a hero).

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