Which is the longest river in Great Britain

Rivers and lakes in the UK

The country's water resources play a huge role in the development of the industry. Humid climates contribute to rivers' abundance of water flow, although most of them are short. The largest rivers in Great Britain are the Severn (River Severn, 352 km), the Thames (River Thames, 345 km), Trent (River Trent), Mersey (Mersey River) and the like.

The small watersheds made it possible to connect them with the canals, as a result of which a dense network of waterways was formed. Currently, these channels are used for sports purposes.
The mountains of the country are rich in lakes that are glacial or tectonic in origin; the largest of them are Loch Neagh, Loch Lomond and Loch Ness (Loch Ness Lake).
Groundwater has long been the source of water for the population of the low-lying part of England. The largest underground basin (almost 30 thousand km2) is located under the circular limestones in the south east of England.

Water bus on River Thames, London

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