Fumes from garden chemicals are toxic

ABC of waste

Juice bags Return juice bags subject to a deposit to retailers, otherwise: yellow bin / yellow sack Prefer reusable packaging.

Acids highly corrosive, pollutant collection

Sanitary cleaner (chemical) Collection of pollutants, use natural detergents

Satellite dish
LNB: Recycling center (electronic waste bin)
Rest: Recycling center (scrap metal)

scanner see electrical appliances(Small appliances)

Pesticides Pollutant collection Use natural means whenever possible.

Records Possibly second-hand shops, otherwise: residual waste bin, record sleeves made of cardboard = paper bin

Foam rubber Residual waste bin

Mold killer Avoid contact with mucous membranes and skin; Do not inhale vapors! Pollutant collection

Slaughterhouse waste Carcass disposal facility Rivenich, Am Orschbach 2, 54518 Rivenich (Tel .: 06508 / 9143-0)

Lubricating grease, lubricating oil Pollutant collection

closet see furniture

Typewriter (electric) see electrical appliances(Small appliances)

Shrink film Transport packaging = return to dealer
otherwise yellow bin / yellow sack

Shoes Old clothes collection (still wearable shoes, bundled in pairs), residual waste bin

Superglue Pollutant collection

Silver cleaning agent Pollutant collection

Silage films (clean, swept clean) If possible, return to Raiffeisen warehouse, in some cases separate collections for silage films are organized (pay attention to appropriate publications)

Silage film (dirty) Delivery to the waste management center in Kalbach
cut small: Recycling center construction waste (small amounts, max. 0.5 m³)

Bench see furniture

Tanning bed / solarium register via the municipality for the large electrical equipment collection,
otherwise: remove the pipes and dispose of them at the recycling center

Chipboard in small quantities = bulky waste / waste wood collection
Recycling center (waste wood)

Edible fat smaller amounts = organic bin (wrap in newspaper, do not put in solid containers such as cans or glasses!)
For larger quantities (e.g. from catering establishments) there are separate recycling or take-back systems. For more information, contact the specialist waste management service of the Fulda district, Tel .: 0661 / 6006-78 52.

Cooking oil Pollutant collection
smaller quantities (max. 1 liter) distributed in the organic bin

Organic bin (wrap sufficiently in kitchen paper or newspaper),
Danger: Leftovers from catering establishments must be disposed of separately via approved specialist companies. they mayNot in the residual waste or organic bin! see carcasses

Mirror glass on no account go to the waste glass, there it causes great damage! Residual waste bin

Toys (electric, with battery or rechargeable battery) see electrical appliances(Small appliances)

spirit Pollutant collection

Spray cans empty (without pollutants and propellant) Yellow bin / yellow sack

Spray cans (with remaining content) Avoid collecting pollutants in aerosol cans with propellant gas

Syringes (without needle) Residual waste bin

Syringe needles (from private households) in a closed, puncture-proof container (e.g. canning jar) in the residual waste bin due to the risk of injury

spray Pollutant collection

Spray canister empty (agriculture) Own take-back system ("PAMIRA") with take-back actions, e.g. at Raiffeisenwarenlager in Hünfeld, Landhandel Brenzel in Eiterfeld

dishwasher see electrical appliances(Large devices)

vacuum cleaner see electrical appliances(Small appliances)

Vacuum cleaner bags Residual waste bin

Stonessmaller amounts = Recycling center (mineral building rubble)
big amount of = Quarry / recycling companies
Delivery to the company SUEZ or the company Veolia is possible, see also construction waste

Shrub pruning Bio bin, green waste composting systems, shredder campaigns, recycling center (green waste)

Chairs see furniture

Styrofoam Large packaging (transport packaging) = return to retail
 Sales packaging without dirt = yellow bin / yellow sack
 soiled packaging = Residual waste bin
 Insulation materials and ceiling panels made of styrofoam in small quantities = recycling center (construction waste), larger quantities disposal through specialist companies!