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Tribe of Goten donates information wall to the Friends' Association

Xenia Mierzwa hands over the roll-up at the Christmas bazaar in Kaiserslautern

Our deputy tribal leader Xenia had used the Christmas bazaar for this purpose and presented an information wall (roll-up) donated by the tribe to the association.

With this we want to thank the scouts from the Goten tribe for their support, especially on the occasion of our 70th anniversary in September.

The information wall, of course blue and yellow, provides information about the goals of the association and underlines its commitment with a few photos. It also contains a reference to the tribe's homepage, on which the friends' association has its own section.

The friends' association has often given the tribe a helping hand in recent years. Be it by subsidizing trips and large camps, the design of our Saatkamphütte, support for the annual “Peace Light Campaign” or the organization of the Christmas bazaar that always takes place in December.

The support association can now also be advertised at these events.

On the photo you can see from left to right Paul Friedek, Petra Elsenbast and Tina Friedek from the Friends 'Association, Xenia Mierzwa, deputy tribal leader and the chairwoman of the Friends' Association, Wolfgang Mierzwa.

The Christmas bazaar this year was again a great success. In addition to mulled wine and children's punch, there were also freshly baked waffles. The proceeds go to the scout work of the BdP in Kaiserslautern.

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