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A Man Without Honor (episode)

A man without honor

First broadcast:

May 13, 2012
5th July 2012


"A man without honor" (in the original: "A Man Without Honor") is the seventh episode of the second season of game of Thrones and the seventeenth episode in the entire series. The film was directed by David Nutter and written by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss.

The first broadcast took place on May 13, 2012 on the American broadcaster HBO. In German-speaking countries, the first broadcast took place on July 5, 2012 on Sky.


Jaime Lannister meets a distant relative. Meanwhile, Cersei Lannister, the mother of King Joffrey Baratheon, advises Sansa Stark in her very own way.

Daenerys Targaryen receives an invitation to the House of Immortals. Theon Greyjoy leads a search party. Jon Snow is lost in the wild.

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Theon wakes up from his sleep, but finds his bed abandoned. He investigates and learns that Bran and Rickon Stark escaped with the help of Hodor and Osha. He decides to send a search party to find the refugees. This consists of many riders and dogs. Theon and Luwin discuss the incident. Luwin advises him not to punish them because they are of greater use to him alive.

Bran, Osha, Hodor, Rickon and the two direwolves run across a field. Osha complains that they should have taken more food with them, but Bran says they couldn't dare go to the kitchen. The people would help them, but they would be killed for it. They discover a nearby farm. Bran and Rickon remember that two orphan boys have lived there with the farming family since they moved them there. However, Bran does not want to go to the farm, otherwise the children would be tortured to find out their whereabouts.

Jon Snow and Ygritte wake up crouched in the wilderness beyond the wall. Ygritte immediately makes a suggestive remark, which Jon really doesn't like. On the way, Ygritte keeps talking because she notices that Jon is very unsettled by the topic. Eventually they begin to argue, first about whether Ygritte is free or Jon's prisoner, and then about whose country the country Beyond the Wall is. After Jon explains that his ancestors also came from beyond the wall, she asks why he is fighting the wildlings.

In Harrenhal, the guards comb the ranks of the staff to find Ser Amory Lorch's killer. Tywin Lannister discovers the killer was a professional and believes he was set on. He asks Gregor Clegane to give the name and the head of the man who wanted to kill him. They suspect it was a member of the Brotherhood without a banner. During the conversation, Arya Stark is Tywin's personal cupbearer and so gets to hear the entire conversation. Tywin sends Gregor to burn down villages and farms so that no one loses respect for them. After Gregor leaves, Tywin talks to Arya about Harren Hoffartt and Aegon the Conqueror, among other things. Tywin notes that Arya is very knowledgeable about Harrenhal's history. He realizes that Arya can never be the daughter of a stonemason and tells her that she had better lie so that no one would notice that she was from a higher class.

Sansa Stark apologizes to Sandor Clegane because she should have thanked him for saving her. But Sandor replies harshly that this is not necessary, since he is just a dog that drives away rats. She asks him if he likes to scare people, to which Sandor replies that he likes killing people. Then he wants to explain to her that every man, including her father Eddard Stark, likes this, even if some do not want to admit it. But Sansa doesn't believe him. Finally she leaves because she does not like Sandor's dark speech.

Xaro explains to Daenerys Targaryen that he asked for the Thirteen to meet because one of them stole their dragons or knows who did it. He convinces her that he didn't steal her dragons because he can already afford everything in the world. After their conversation, however, she goes away angry because she doesn't believe that he can or will help her.

Jon and Ygritte continue beyond the wall. Ygritte tries to convince Jon that the free people, the wildlings, have a much better life since they don't have to serve a lord and can do whatever they want. She wants to get him to renounce the night watch and desert to live with her. Jon evades an answer and orders her to just move on.

In the Starks encampment, Robb Stark, his highest vassals and a Lannister ambassador chat. He explains that Cersei tore up her letter. He has the ambassador, Ser Alton Lannister, taken to a pen, but learns that it is occupied. For this reason, Alton is supposed to stay with Jaime Lannister for the time being, while the two are guarded by Torrhen Karstark, a son of Rickard Karstark. Talisa interrupts the meeting and asks Robb if she can get some things to care for the injured. Robb, who is very pleased with her visit, agrees.

Theon and his men have meanwhile arrived at the court of the two orphan boys and are looking for Bran and Rickon. They find a broken nut that Rickon ate, allowing them to get back on track. Luwin, however, has to ride back to Winterfell.

Daenerys is full of concern for her kidnapped dragons and hardly thinks of anything else. Ser Jorah Mormont returns and Daenerys orders him to find her dragons.

Ygritte and Jon travel on, and Ygritte learns that Jon doesn't even have the faintest idea where his brothers from the Night's Watch have gone. Finally, Ygritte breaks free from the rope and runs away while Jon runs after her. But she disappears behind a small hill and suddenly Jon sees himself surrounded by many wildlings.

Sansa has nightmares and when she wakes up she sees that she has had her first bleeding. This is terrible for her, since Joffrey can now impregnate her and will soon marry. Sansa panics. Shae comes in and wants to help her hide what happened. As they are about to turn the mattress, a maid walks in who is not as loyal to Sansa as Shae is. She immediately turns around and wants to let the king know, but Shae rushes after her and threatens her so that she doesn't do it. When she returns to Sansa, however, the bloodhound is in the room. Sansa is taken to Cersei and they talk. Cersei says Sansa had better come to terms with the fact that a woman's life has some filth in store. She also advises her to love as few people as possible, because love makes you weak. She should only love her children, since as a mother she has no choice in this regard. Sansa asks irritated if she shouldn't love Joffrey too, to which Cersei bitterly replies that she might like to try.

Ser Alton and Jaime are talking. Alton is a great admirer of Jaime. He agrees to help Jaime escape. Alton moves closer to him so they can whisper. Jaime then kills him with his bonds, and when the guard, Rickard Karstark's son, rushes in, he strangles him and takes the keys.

Daenerys stands before the thirteen and learns that Pyat Pree has taken her dragons into custody and hidden them in the House of the Immortals. Xaro had an agreement with Pyat Pree in which he would become King of Qarth. Pyat kills the other thirteen, except Xaro, and declares that Daenerys will be with her dragons forever. Daenerys, however, flees in horror.

Jaime's escape fails and he is captured again. Catelyn appeases the crowd and Rickard Karstark leaves, enraged, because he wants revenge for his slain son.

Tyrion worries that Stannis Baratheon will arrive in King's Landing in less than a week with more ships than they have. Tyrion wants Cersei to speak to her son Joffrey, the king, so that he can concentrate on the defense. But Cersei explains that Joffrey doesn't listen to her. They talk for a while, and Tyrion tries to ease Cersei's worries. Cersei admits weakness for the first time. Half in tears, she tells of her fear that Joffrey would be the way he is because she and Jaime have sinned. Tyrion says the Targaryens have married brothers and sisters for centuries, and that both Tommen and Myrcella are good, decent children. But Cersei quotes the old saying: "Whenever a Targaryen is born, the gods toss a coin", not without reason many Targaryens were violent and insane.

Catelyn goes to Jaime and talks to him alone. Jaime provokes her with Jon and Catelyn takes Brienne's sword.

Theon preaches to the appalled Winterfell residents while the cremated bodies of two children hang behind him. Maester Luwin cries out over the deaths of Bran and Rickon, but Theon shows no sympathy.