What is PewDiePie's greatest source of income

The highest-paid YouTubers of 2016 - and what marketers can learn from them

Some YouTubers are now worth millions. The twelve with top earnings are listed by Forbes Magazine. What your success means for marketing.

YouTubers are getting richer and drawing more attention

With a whopping 15 million US dollars in revenue last year, the Swede Felix Avrid Ulf Kjellberg alias PewDiePie took first place among the YouTubers with his channel of the same name. It has 50 million subscribers and over 13 billion views in the year of the survey, which ran through June 2016. Other stars of the platform have also achieved great celebrities - and wealth - with their respective channels.

The field of these people is very different. PewDiePie is a gamer, with Roman Atwood there is an almost professional prank player, a prankster, among them, and with Lilly Singh a woman from the comedy sector is represented. Together they have their enormous income and their status as YouTuber.

The figures of their income before deduction of manager salaries and taxes were calculated using information from Nielsen, IMDB, etc. It turns out that the twelve celebrities named together earned $ 70.5 million last year. That is 23 percent more than the year before. It is logical that there is an interaction between attention and income. The YouTubers have made their fame fruitful for various sources of income - including marketing.

Income for YouTubers comes from all directions

YouTubers generate income from a variety of sources. Roman Atwood, who came second in the ranking with earnings of eight million US dollars, sells merchandise such as beanies and sunglasses, for example. He's also working on a book, which for most YouTubers, including PewDiePie, can make up a good portion of the revenue. Rosanna Pansino has also had success with her cookbook based on her YouTube cooking show. Colleen Ballinger even went a step further. She invented the person Miranda for YouTube, a confident but untalented singer. She also published a book in 2015, but her YouTube personality is likely to get the most attention from the Netflix series "Haters Back Off". Ballinger not only plays Miranda there, but is also a producer.

But in addition to these many follow-up effects of the stars' YouTube appearances, there are also options for making money with the videos themselves. Be it simply through sponsors, like the comedy duo Smosh, who had a video series sponsored by Schick Rasierklingen. In addition, advertising is also an elementary stream of income for the celebrities. Financing through pre-roll ads is the most popular option. Due to their fame, YouTubers can also be hired as influencers. In this case, a YouTuber like Tyler Oakley would be an opportunity for a company that wants to address specific target groups. Oakley, for example, is committed to the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) initiative and also addresses minorities in society with its videos in diary form.

However, regardless of the type of advertising associated with YouTubers' earnings, marketers can take away something from the popularity of these Internet personalities.

How marketers can partner with YouTubers

The form of influencer marketing is one way that companies could benefit from the rising popularity of YouTubers, and thus increasing subscribers and views. But the pre-roll ads already mentioned can also pay off. Because: an enormous number of people can be reached via YouTube, even on the move. A graphic from Social Media Marketo shows that four million YouTube videos are viewed every day, 40 percent of them mobile. With regard to the ads that can be used with videos, it should not be forgotten that pre-roll ads are often skipped. So here a qualitative claim is of the greatest interest.

With the increasing number of subscribers and views of the top YouTubers, however, any kind of advertising engagement seems to be a good alternative. It is obvious that the more well-known such an Internet star is, the higher the costs. As a result, companies following trends on YouTube and in society can take a look at the next major YouTubers to see the needs of their target audiences. Perhaps this will open up a lucrative, future-oriented and reciprocal form of advertising for you. And the next YouTuber could squint at the Forbes list. The top earners can be viewed in full on the Forbes website.

Source: Forbes Magazine