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The ultimate gift guide for children [guide]

How to find the perfect gift for children (checklist)

  • One way around maybe Finding a suitable gift: Browse all brochures and online shops and buy and order gifts if you suspect them. But it is not particularly well thought out and efficient.
  • Better: It helps to find out more before buying a gift. So the one Organized shopping for birthday, Christmas or Easter and to tackle it efficiently, because:
  • Only when it is clear which toy for which child appropriate, the gifts should be obtained. The saves time, money and is guaranteed to bring more joy to the children's room.

We'll help you Perfectly choosing gifts step by step. 4 simple but essential points lead you to the goal: That perfect gift for your children to choose.

The 13 most exciting gift ideas for children

Wooden toys for smaller children

Smaller children in particular love the feel of wooden toys. The best wooden toy We have here for you including purchase advice: The best wooden toys for children from 1 year.

Musical instruments for musical children

Children, the Interest in music show, are happy about a suitable musical instrument. Which Musical instruments for children is really appropriate, you can find out here: The best musical instruments for children.

LEGO construction kits for children with a technical interest

Boys in particular (but increasingly also girls) show an interest in technical things. Lego toys are made for it. Here to our LEGO, DUPLO and PLAYMOBIL contributions:

New toys as a surprise or well-tried classics

If you want something new when it comes to gifts, you can really surprise your children. The best New toys? Here is an overview: The 52 most exciting new toys

To match: Children's toy guide (over 100 of the most popular toys)

Who would rather well-tried classic toys who wants to place their trust, gets an overview here: Gifts for children: Classic gifts

The best children's books for bookworms

Books remain one even in the digital age fixed size in the nurseryr. The selection is huge - we have the overview keep to you. Our tip: Personalized children's books are a very special gift.

Educational toys as a particularly valuable gift

Parents who want to be particularly careful about their children's development use educational toys. Find out more here:

Family and children's games for sociable game evenings

Family games are perfect gifts for children and families who like to play in good company. But puzzles can also be an exciting challenge for the whole family:

Dolls, dollhouse and play kitchen for role-playing games

Especially girl like to delve into Role play - a Dollhouse with dolls and dolls pram or one Children's kitchen is made for it:

Remote controlled toys for kids (and dads)

Nearly every boy comes sooner or later to the "Remote controlled" phase. And there is no reason not to give in to this "phase". On the contrary: most of them too Fathers will love it.

Here to the purchase advice of the different categories of remote-controlled toys including car racing tracks and railways:

Children's sledges, bobsleighs, children's skis and ice skates for the winter

Movement is undoubtedly very important for children - both for physical and mental development. In winter there is a children's sledge, skiing or ice skating. You can find out which version and in which size fits your child here:

Children's bicycles, scooters and scooters for the summer

Sufficient exercise in summer is ensured if the right bike is ready. But a scooter or even an e-scooter for older children can be a lot of fun:

Children's tools and workbench for craftsmen

Regardless of whether they are kindergarten or school age, whether boy or girl: at some point there will come a time for every child when they want to try their hand at technical challenges. The perfect introduction to this is children's tools and a suitable workbench:

Baby fashion with original sayings

Gifts related to your offspring make every heart beat faster.Let yourself be convinced of it here:

Here you will find the entire, huge selection of original sayings - printed on baby rompers, T-shirts, mugs and much more.

Find the perfect children's gift in 4 easy steps

1. Who is the gift intended for? Girls or boys?

A simple question that is easy to answer, but is crucial. Why?

Boys play differently than girls.Studies on the social behavior of children show that boys tend to be more interested in “objects”, girls more in “faces”. Specifically, this means:

2. What is the age and level of development of the child for whom gifts are to be selected?

Every child is different from other children in terms of development, that is absolutely normal. For the selection of toys or gifts is Age and especially the individual level of development are a decisive factor:

  • The age or the Age information from the toy manufacturer can serve as a rough guide for the purchase decision.
  • Ultimately, however, what is decisive is: At what stage of development is my child currently? Only parents can answer this question individually for their child. When it comes to toys, neither being under-challenged nor overwhelmed ensures lasting enjoyment of the game - but that's exactly what it's about. Watch your child play, before you decide on a gift. example: The question “How pronounced are the fine motor skills?” Decides whether Lego Technic or simpler Duplo kits are already considered.

We have collected toys for you, broken down according to the age groups of the children, with all the important detailed information:

3. What preferences does your child show when playing or playing with toys?

Once points 1 and 2 have been clarified, this last point should contribute to the final purchase decision.

  • Watch your child exactly what your child is currently playing with and what it is interested in.
  • Your child likes to play at the moment alone? Or is it looking for that Game in company?Does your child like to play with dolls and is they currently immersed in role-playing games?
  • Important: Don't try to “lead” your child to toys that don't seem interesting at the moment. Trust itthat it knows when the timing for this or that toy has come.
  • Is better: The child at the moment Support the game and development phase. Example: Your child currently likes to delve into role-playing games and / or like to play with dolls? Then a doll's house with dolls and accessories may be the right choice. Is the child interested in how objects move and assemble? If the Lego kit already exists, a Lego Technic kit can be a logical gift.

Depending on the preferences and level of development of your child, different toy categories come into question - you can find an overview at the end of the article.

4. Which toy brands can you trust?

When buying toys should well-known toy manufacturers / brands trust. The experience of manufacturers who have been asserting themselves on the market for years are priceless.

Proven toy brands, who are already on the market for many years claim are e.g .:

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