How do I get Google's attention

Tip: Rating stars attract more attention from Google ads and search results

Rating stars from an independent rating service provider, such as our cooperation partner ShopVote, can be entered on Google in both the organic search results as well as paid Google Adwords ads and Google shopping are displayed.

Rich snippets and ad extensions

While the stars are displayed in the organic search results via the so-called "rich snippets", this is done in the paid Adword ads via ad extensions. The ad extensions supplement standard text ads with additional information. This additional information can be call, location or the rating stars.

Example of a search result with rating stars:

Transfer of the rating stars to the ad extensions

When using the review portal ShopVote, the review stars are automatically transferred to Google Adwords and Google Shopping from the review profile. Online retailers place their Adwords ads as usual, the ShopVote system takes care of transferring the stars to Google. Unlike many other rating service providers, ShopVote offers this service free of charge for all users.

Cost of star ratings in an Adwords ad

In the case of an Adword ad, the advertiser is known to be billed for every click on the ad - a click on the star rating in an ad, on the other hand, is free of charge!

More attention and higher click rates with Adwords stars

Adwords ads enriched with rating stars get more space in the search results and thus attract more attention from searchers. As a result, a higher click rate can be achieved, which in turn is rewarded by Google with a better quality factor and the better the quality factor, the cheaper a click will be.

Not a recognized rating service provider, no Google stars

While the manual ad extensions, such as a call or location information, can be set up manually in the Adwords account, the "Seller Rating" function for the rating stars is an automatic ad extension.

Here, Google checks whether there are ratings for the target URL of the Adwords ad, i.e. the domain or the shop.

Google then only receives and accepts the ratings from recognized rating service providers, such as ShopVote.

Google stars in organic search results

Online retailers who do not place Adwords ads can easily and automatically upgrade their organic search results with rating stars simply by using the ShopVote rating portal.

How do clients of the IT law firm benefit from the advantages of the ShopVote rating system?

Clients of the IT law firm benefit from the advantages of the ShopVote rating system as follows:

The “EasyReviews” add-on and all other premium functions are activated directly in the dealer area of ​​ShopVote.

You are not yet a client of the IT law firm? You are welcome to find out more about our general terms and conditions service here.

Tip: ShopVote can now also provide product reviews

With the ShopVote review portal, product reviews can now be collected in addition to shop reviews.

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