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Santa Clara (CA), Starnberg, July 8th, 2020 - Uniform view of customer and operating data from over 30 business areas; a central hub for real-time data access ...

To the background: Hitachi Vantara, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., has helped Swisscom's business customer division to improve customer service by bringing together the company's huge amounts of data in one centralized view. This was made possible by Pentaho, a product from Hitachi Vantara's Lumada portfolio. Pentaho's data integration and analysis platform was developed to access, process and further analyze data from any source or environment.

As the largest telecommunications company in Switzerland and leading provider of IT services, Swisscom offers mobile, broadband and IT services for private households and companies of all sizes. These types of customers have dramatically different needs, which makes data management and service delivery a challenge. Over time, these different business units have created numerous data silos across the company, creating a level of complexity that has made it nearly impossible to get a unified view of customers, contracts, service status, billing lines, and products. The response time to customer requests also suffered from the many data silos.

To be a central hub for real-time data access and for service support inquiries, the business customer area of ​​Swisscom worked together with Hitachi Vantara. Pentaho created a unified view of customer and operational data from more than 30 business areas, including marketing, sales, quality assurance and service operations management.

Instead of having to check multiple data sources for a single query, customer service representatives now have the essential data in one holistic, user-friendly view. This helps Swisscom business customers to offer tailor-made services, solve problems more quickly and improve the customer experience. With a view to the future, Swisscom's business customer division expects that Pentaho will soon process significantly more than the current 100 million data records per day.

Fig. 1: Pentaho Data Integration Example, Adaptive Execution With Spark and Visually Designed Hadoop MapReduce Jobs in PDI (Image source: Hitachi Vantara Pentaho, Datasheet).

User comment Emanuel Zehnder, Head of Information Architecture at Swisscom Business Customers: “Our system landscape is as complex as our offers, with dozens of platforms for managing data in different departments. We wanted to create a central, 360-degree view that encompasses the operational data of the entire company. So that the employees can support our customers even more efficiently. Thanks to the Pentaho components, we were able to create a complete overview of all customers, contracts, status information and SLAs with a uniform, harmonized data model. "


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