Why do we need laboratory areas


Do you enjoy eating out without getting sick? To be able to buy children's toys that do not contain harmful ingredients? To be able to rely on the hazard symbols when handling aggressive cleaning agents?

At the Cantonal Laboratory, we ensure that food is enjoyable, toys are fun and that you can control how chemicals are used.

Our specialists inspect food companies without prior notice and carry out follow-up checks in the event of problems. We examine goods from production and trade, analyze food and everyday objects and ensure that chemicals are handled safely. In addition, we check the bathing water quality of 200 indoor and outdoor pools as well as the bathing areas on rivers and lakes at least once a season.

The cantonal laboratory is also responsible for market surveillance of chemicals. We check the regulations on packaging, labeling and safety data sheets and check various products for problematic ingredients that are subject to special restrictions or bans.

During our company inspections, handling and dispensing regulations for dangerous chemicals are checked on site and the duty of care and training requirements for the use of biocidal products and pesticides are monitored.

The chemicals law is technically demanding. That is why it is important to us to provide companies with comprehensive and understandable information about this. The coordination of enforcement in the canton of Zurich is carried out under the chairmanship of the cantonal laboratory within the framework of ChemNet.ZH together with specialist units from various offices and directorates.