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To sell a household car, manufacturers are ready for almost anything. Including and distorting the real data on fuel consumption, the brand of gasoline, the actual interservice run. Of course, the cheaper the car is in operation, the longer the queue is arranged. At least take up the question of the price of fuel. After all, there is the difference that gasoline is better in Hyundai Solaris - the cheapest 92nd or 98th extra. The speed in general does not affect. And what about then? Let's find it now.

If you solve this question, you can go down the path of the lesser resistor and just read the manual in which it is written in translation from Korean that Hyundai Solaris with 1.4 and 1.6 liter engines with the octane number Gasoline occupancy is required not lower than 92. . Not less.

No less than 92 are the inscriptions on the leek of the gas tank.

That's fine, it means you save the price of fuel and boldly 92. The question is resolved. But it's simple, but what does the brand of gasoline engine depend on the engine?

Of course, knowing a simple mortal is optional, but it is very desirable to extend the life of your engine. Choosing your octane fuel number isn't as easy as it seems, and the point here is a far cry from the price. Gasoline quality is of great importancethis is completely different at different gas stations.

Large gas stations have their own oil refineries and are interested in their fuel quality. Small individual calibrations per angle can afford and cheat, and domes, although each of them necessarily has a quality certificate. But even if we adopt the quality of gasoline like Axiom, anyway opens a few exclusively technical moments. Here are just a few of them.

Which gasoline is better for Solaris: 92, 95 or 98?

And what if you pour the 98th?

Each brand of gasoline differs not only in price, but also in the number of additives and octane number.

An octane number affects the engine resistance to detonation, i. H. The higher the octane number, the harder it can be pushed and it will not explode, as a diesel fuel does not explode and only lights up in a strictly defined point when the electronics results in a spark on the candle.

  • Hyundai Solaris, when using the 92nd gasoline recommended by the facility, spends 10-11 liters per 100 km.
  • If you refuel the 95th, the fuel consumption drops by about one liter.

Best practice.

92 or 95 - a little numbers

Specific heat combustion.

The explanation of this is pretty straightforward. To get the energy necessary to move the piston, you need to burn a certain amount of fuel. Energy from burning 92. Gas is about 42 MJ, 95. shows about 45 mJ. At the same time, there is a risk of detonation with 92nd gasoline. It turns out that in order to get the desired energy from low-fusion gasoline, more than high-octane. Maybe the figure is minor, but that's a fact.

That says the degree of engine compression

Compression ratio.

The dependency of the octane number on the degree of compression is known to everyone - the higher the degree of compression, which should be one of the above octane numbers.

When in a forced engine to pour a low difficult gasoline, it is simply detonated, exploding uncontrollably only from pressure and not from spark.

In Hendai Solyaris. with engines Gamma 1.4 and 1.6 liters, the compression ratio is 10.5 units. So this is quite important, hence the use of 92nd gasoline can involve the formation of nagar and the creation of the detonation.

At the same time, such aspects should be taken into account:

  1. Solaris isn't going to show blustering glee, to say the least by increasing the power and thrust immediately after filling up the 95th gasoline. The fact is that the electronic control unit must adapt to the new combustion conditions of the mixture in the combustion chamber. It takes some time. That's why many don't see the difference between the 92nd and 95th, but the engine does.
  2. If the 95th gasoline is diluted with a diesel or some other garbage, fuel consumption can grow significantly, the same is true of 92 mu gasoline. Of course, the drop in performance and the deterioration in overclocking dynamics are observed.
  3. There is an opinion that roughly what gasoline, Hyundai Solaris fill, they are all made from the 92-th: that the 95th the 95th Of course, all gasoline engines produce from ugly black oil, but an octane rating is achieved solely through additives. And we are only interested in one octane number of us.
  4. It is also said that when using high octane gasoline, the brand of the valves or the bottom of the piston is possible. Yes, it is possible, but only on very old engines with a carburetor. Hyundai Solyaris did not get the most modern engines, but they also have control electronics that adjust the ignition advance angle and avoid a loogier. This is subject to the installation of optimal heat valve gaps.


The conclusions suggest that saving yourself on fuel and lubricants is extremely unsafe, and in Solaris is even better in Solaris to pour 95th gasoline, possibly the degree of compulsion and degree of compression. Good all roads and good fuel economy!

Not only the dynamics and consumption of Hyundai kretagen, but also the safety of the Korean crossover fuel system directly depends on the quality of gasoline.

Many owners of Korean crossovers are asked how to top up Hyundai Creta gasoline? Yes, and those who just plans to buy a parquet floor are no exception. And the situation with the fuel quality only makes the problem worse, since nobody wants the engine "capital".

What does the manufacturer convey?

According to the Manual of Exploitation, the Hyundai-Kretage gasoline AI-92 and above and above is allowed and this applies to both engines - 1.6-liters with a return of 123 liters. p. and 150-strong 2-liter. There is a sticker on the back of the breeder, which also indicates the octane number of the fuel number.

However, some believe that even refueling AI-92 is undesirable for the crossovers. You motivate it by low quality gasoline. As a result, the engine may operate unstably during high speed travel and heavy load. Also, preserves the likelihood of accelerated wear and tear of the elements of the device and its overheating. In the worst case scenario, you will have to order a Hyundai Creta engine overhaul with the installation of a new set of pistons, valves, fuel system components and other things.

The octane number of gasoline can be seen directly on the bat of the Benzobaka Krett.

Refueling AI-80

On the other hand, there are those rushing to other extremes who believe that Hyundai motor protein is focused on 92nd gasoline, then it is possible to periodically refuel the 80th. If there is absolutely no alternative (for example, the fuel ended up in the tank in a village), you can use the 80th, but only to get to the nearest gas station. Walking fast or at high speed is not recommended.

AI-98 tanking

In this case the question of expediency arises. And as motorists believe, there is no point in using such fuel. This is due to the appointment of gasoline with such an octane rating, especially for turbocharged power units, as well as for forced engines. Accordingly, the production of such gasoline is carried out with the addition of components, which are characterized by a high octane number and small heating fuels. This means there is no decline to wait for the flow rates (rather the opposite) (rather the opposite), as well as the improvement of speaker overclocking.

Refueling with poor quality gasoline can end with the major repair of the engine control.

Do I have to top up petrol at the end of the day?

In this case, justifies refueling. Petrol type "Ecto" etc. Contains an additive that wash the fuel system. In the case of Hendai Cret, it is all the more relevant since the crossover is new, so the use of such gasoline will help prevent pollution of the fuel system from the start.

Independent testing of the quality of gasoline

In the megalopolis problems with flammable, as a rule, can be avoided. To do this, it is necessary to refuel only at the stations of the renowned petrol station network (such as LUKOIL), while it is necessary to travel at the station itself, and not a franchise. This moment can be monitored on the stand with documents or on the check. After all, such filling stations are equipped with expensive equipment. However, there will be no full guarantee.

If you get in the way and the gas station apparently not trustworthy inspire, you need to at least evaluate the fuel visually. If the gasoline is high quality (AI-95) it is almost colorless or has a hue of yellow or blue.

To independently check the quality of the fuel, it is not necessary to be a chemist and have your own laboratory.

In the case where gasoline has a red bowl, its composition includes metal-containing additives made on the basis of ferrocene or manganese. If there are additives of monomethylaniline as part of gasoline, it will be highlighted with a bright yellow color. Such fuel is better to refuse from refueling.

In general, as practice shows, it is better to save and refuel with high quality combustible and 95th gasoline, preferably not. The difference in price in a few rubles per liter is very insignificant, so it is not worth risking the engine of the intersection. Yes, and cases in which the cheap 95th gasoline on the calibration was 92 years old at filling stations, and even the 80th not so rare.

The plots shown below briefly describe how to independently check the quality of the fuel in the tank:

The question "What gasoline to pour in Hyundai Cretage worries many owners of this Korean crossover. On the Russian market this car comes with only two gasoline engines:

We have already said about these motors in our earlier materials so we are not paying attention to them. But we are only moving smoothly to our question.

In the last few years that Hyundai Cretage is sold in our market, buyers have already had a good impression of this brand. In particular, Hyundai Creta has proven to be a reliable and unpretentious car.

Now we're going to translate what it means. The capital letters are therefore written "at least 92". This means that you can minimally pour the Hyundai Kretage gasoline AI-92. Also on the luchka of the gas tank there is an inscription "Only lead fuel", which is literally translated as "only unstoppable gasoline". In other words, in Hyundai the car is poured only ingenerated gasoline grade not lower than AI-92. But nobody forbids the use of gasoline AI-95.

If you do not know how many liters of gasoline there is in the tank of Hyundai Cret, then you can find out all the detailed information and find out.

As said above, the Hyundai Cretage has no problems and gasoline of this brand. It just matters that in modern reality, really high quality AI-92 fuel is very difficult. Although in big cities you can find proven refills trading in high quality AI-92 gasoline.

But for residents of airless cities and settlements to find such a tank nearby is really difficult.

The most preferred option for Hyundai Prost will be gasoline AI-95. What is it for, both for the engine and for 1.6 l and 2.0 liters. Of course, due to the high popularity of the 95th gasoline, it is of course most often counterfeited. It flashes very often in news reports that faked the fuel at some gas stations. However, in large network fats, fuel quality is obeyed, so it is better to look for tank from them. In any case, you can do a normal refueling and constantly refuel.

Is it worth redefining gasoline AI-98 in Hyundai Cret?

Most of the major gas stations can find the AI-98 gasoline, which often attracts Hyundai Kret owners. However, it is intended for sports cars and to use in Hyundai Cretage, there is no point. No, of course the coat will ride on this fuel with ease. But you will not understand any advantages of this. First, the fuel consumption is no lower than that of the AI-95. Second, AI-98 is more expensive than AI-95 and AI-92.

In fact, there is no difference between the 2.0 and 1.6 engines at Hyundai Protein in terms of the fuel used. Both engines are in the same expand well-digested fuel and AI-92 and AI-95. However, each of the owners themselves decide which fuel the car is to take care of.

There are many on the internet that they say the fuel economy of AI-95 is less than that of AI-92. This is due to the fact that the 95th gasoline burns a little better, thus offering the best efficiency compared to AI-92. As a result, all other things in the AI-95 car can travel a greater distance equally.

How to fill up with gas Hyundai Kretu 1.6 video

A little diagnosis of gasoline that we fill. Lew 95 shell:

Hyundai Prita Which gasoline pours? Application evaluations.

Sanya 63, Novosibirsk

Hello everybody. I can say purely from personal observations, on the Inland 95, the car on the dynamic is a bit of an exaggeration, which hijacks itself on the road, and it is not so much in a certain plan that sat down, pressed and flew, namely in trifles , especially when accelerating, felt in the first few seconds. As for the imported fuel brands that 92, that 95, that 95 E10, etc. didn't notice the difference at all. There is such a conclusion, simply our production technologies are out of date and behind Europe, the advantages of Höndai engines are not much demanding, to gasoline, including the KRETT engine, you can pour 92 and not steam.

Driver, Schuchi.

Vovanich from personal observations of the car on 95 behaves significantly better, 92 is the lower limit recommended by the Krett manufacturer, on 92 engine work is noticeably worse because it is difficult or whether it is more difficult. I think for the Höndeya engines, 95 is best, I only fill up with 95.

Victor, Nizhny Novgorod

I have been tested many times on different cars by myself. Hönde: The consumption of 92go per piece km is more than 95m over the price difference, and the car on 95m is less and more comfortable. Based on this - I use 95 .. 92y from Lukoil has not tried. Some Lukoil 95 litter refills are worse than 95. on tried and tested other brands (Moscow). Ambiguous moment.

Hyundai Creta occupies one of the highest positions in the list of required cars in the domestic market.

The manufacturer makes the car with several types of gasoline engine that can be highly demonstrated with minimal investment. Despite all the advantages for many owners, the actual fuel consumption per 100 km remains open. After all, high quality fuel is a promise of long-term and efficient engine operation.

To reduce the risk of engine failure. Car owners should know what gasoline can fill a hide according to the requirements of the facility.

Real fuel consumption Hyundai Creta per 100 km

engineGasoline Consumption (City)Gasoline consumption (track)Gasoline consumption (mixed)
1.6 6MT 2WD.9 5.8 7
1.6 6AT 2WD.9.2 5.9 7.1
2.0 6AT 2WD.10.2 6 7.5
2.0 6AT 4WD.10.6 6.5 8

What gasoline is poured into domestic stations?

In the domestic market, the predominant majority of gasoline fuel complies with state certification.

The gasoline brand AI 92 and 95 is the most popular and widely used. At the same time, there are high octane marks in large regions where the network of filling stations is very developed. You can highlight a list of the available Benz lines on domestic refills:

AI 92 (the cheapest option is mainly used for old technology);
AI 95 (widely used fuel brand, the need of more than 80% in the domestic market);
AI 98 (gasoline with improved octane number);
AI 100 (one of the most expensive types of fuel).

Virtually all gasoline meets the standards and requirements of EURO2 and EURO3. At the same time, a higher octane number indicates a higher quality.

High-octane fuel contains a minimal amount of impurities in the form of sulfur and resin, which has a positive effect on the durability of automotive equipment. Each type of gasoline has many differences that can be determined by technical specifications.

In addition to the listed brands of the common AI series fuel at domestic gas stations, there are other gasoline with the addition of various additives that help increase the octane number and improve certain properties.

Such fuel may include gasoline with alcohol. In this brand there are at least 20% of the alcohol compounds based on ethanol.Such a type of fuel is suitable for all modern cars, as well as hybrid engines.

What happens when I mix a different type of gasoline?

Almost every car owner came across the situation when the required brand of fuel was missing and the choice of gasoline was offered with lower or high octane.

In this case, there are many inconsistencies. For example, the tank contains the remains of the 95th and refueling occurs at 92. Accordingly, there is a direct mixing of two gasoline, which does not have a quite positive effect on the overall operation of the car.

The problem is the presence of additives in the fuel composition. It is known that 95 and 98 gasoline is made from base 92, which is supplemented with various chemical components to increase octane number and reduce the concentration of dirt compounds.

When refueling 92 from 95 or 95 s 100, direct mixing does not actually occur. Gasoline with a higher octane has a lower density. Accordingly, high octane fuel stops.

Mixing different brands once is practically nothing to think about about the car's fuel equipment. In an emergency, the car is allowed to fill any gasoline, but no less than that is permitted with the octane. Often times, cars that work on 95 are allowed to operate temporarily on 92. Before refueling, it is important to always consider the manufacturer's requirements.

Finally, the wrong fuel selection of 100 km can lead to high consumption of 100 km and contamination of fuel injectors, which involves costly repairs.

Which gasoline is better to fill?

The Hyundai Creta Crossover has a sufficiently reliable engine that forgives many operational errors with due maintenance.

The factory engines from 1.4-2.0 are mainly calculated on AI-95. With the use of this type of gasoline, you can reveal the full engine potential and get the desired efficiency.

In practice, the 95 and 98 refueling are practically different. The car does not change in driving qualities. The exception is the fuel economy, which is 98 under the condition of constant movement along the highway down by 0.4 liters. In certain modes of operation (city, mixed) economy is practically not observed.

Hence, for Hyundai Creta is not required to move 98.

As is known, the technical condition of the car, as well as its operation, directly depends on the quality of the fuel. The Korean crossover was not the exception, whose fuel system is very sensitive to being filled with gasoline.

Therefore, many park owners are interested in moments related to gasoline Hyundai Prost. This information may be of interest to those who are only purchasing a crossover. To choose the gasoline Hyundai Creta it is necessary to approach the most serious as possible, since bad fuel can lead to serious breakdowns in the future. Well, who needs a power supply caparront?

What do developers say?

The careful analysis of the Hyundai Greta logbook showed that the Korean crossover can be filled with 92nd gasoline free. This applies to both a 1.6-liter engine and a two-liter engine. You can find an indicator of the octane number of fuel on the back of the hatch.

However, many experts focus on the fact that the Tanking AI-92 negatively affects the technical condition of the crossover. This is a totally motivated statement as the 92nd gasoline has never been distinguished by its high quality. It can then be assumed that their use makes the strength robot unstable. This is especially true when driving at high speeds. Nobody canceled the accelerated wear of the unit, as well as the overheating. As an exercise, the neglect of the quality of the gasoline Hyundai Prost in the future shows in the future the failure of the engine with its subsequent overhaul, which includes the replacement of pistons, valves and individual components of the fuel system.


In Russia there has always been a category of motorists who have assumed that once the engine is on the 92, if it doesn't happen to them, if they regularly "feed" their 80s, nothing will happen to them. Maybe there is something in it, but this concept definitely does not apply to high quality outdoor cars, which is undoubtedly Hyundai Kret. Use this category of fuel experts only in cases where there are no alternative types of fuel and all you need to do is get to the nearest gas station. At the same time it is advisable to move at low speed with a minimum revolution indicator.


If everything is clear with the previous fuel option, then in this case it is necessary to turn away from expediency, since the use of this type of fuel is absolutely illogical, and this is what most motorists agree with. The fact is that this category of fuel is suitable for turbo-charged and forced-air power plants. Such a conclusion suggest after studying the octane number. When pouring the 98th at Hyundai Cretage, you shouldn't be counting on great calorific value. This means that the fuel consumption is significantly higher than the norm, and the dynamic indicators remain unchanged.

Ultimate Use Efficiency

This is exactly the case when the refueling justifies itself. Petrol Hyundai Protection "ECTO" has special additives in its composition, which cleans the fuel system. Experts recommend using this particular fuel, as it will help increase the life of the Korean model fuel system, and, accordingly, the resource of the car itself.

Check quality fuel.

Motorists, residents of large cities, problems with refueling usually do not arise. Often they use the services of reputable gas stations, as a combustible fuel they are confident. But few know that it is better to call the station yourself and avoid different franchises. You can keep track of this nuance by studying the client booth or check. The fact is that the official gas stations are equipped with expensive equipment, while their branches are out of date.

In cases where you are on the road and urgently give up, and on the way that you do not notice the reliable gas stations, all that remains is to stay near the first more or less normal station and visually evaluate the fuel quality. For example, a good 95th gasoline is colorless, which easily gives off a blue tint.

But if you notice a red or yellow tide, it is better to refuse this fuel. Most likely, such gasoline contains manganese or ferrozene additives, which can adversely affect the car's fuel system.

As practice shows, most of the owners of Greta stock up on the AI-95 crossover, and this is the same good option as "Ecto". There is no point in saving on one thing, as the difference between the categories of gasoline is insignificant. It is better to move several rubles than then to look for money for an engine overhaul.


The Korean crossover is equipped with a rather sensitive fuel system, so the choice of fuel Hyundai Creta must be approached. The car's operational book says it can work on the 92nd gasoline, but experts recommend not to abuse it. The same goes for AI-80 with AI-98, with which specialists are not recommended for GRETA at all. The most optimal option is the 95th gasoline, which is not difficult to distinguish from the fake - a colorless liquid with a bluish tint. If you notice a yellow or red tint in gasoline, it is better to refuse.