How do I organize my free time

Productivity @home: 6 effective tips for more free time


  • Get up early: Set your alarm clock 1 hour earlier than you usually do. It is quite likely that your inner voice will answer "no" right away. "How is that supposed to work? I can't get enough sleep anyway. I can't do it." You can do it! Even if the first few times feel uncomfortable. Overcome it for YOU. When the 1st hint of "No" has passed, just do it.

  • start positive: smile, smile, smile! You can still do that comfortably in bed. It is scientifically proven that after 1 minute of continuous smiling, your brain thinks that there is something beautiful. It can't tell whether you're smiling "honestly" or just pretending to be. Your brain sends messenger substances to your body. These messenger substances make you feel much better.

  • Meditation: Find a quiet place where you are undisturbed. Sit up straight, place your hands on your thighs, and close your eyes. Inhale deeply through your nose and slowly exhale through your mouth. Repeat this 3 times. Sit quietly for at least the next 15 minutes, inhale deeply through your nose and then exhale deeply. When your thoughts come (and they are pretty sure they will) then focus on your breath. You cannot think and concentrate on your breath at the same time. Set your timer so that you get a reminder after 15 minutes. You can also start with 5 minutes and then increase by one minute every day. Meditation permanently changes your brain and your state of mind. New neural connections are formed. Numerous research documents this great process.

  • Gratitude: Write down 3-5 things a day that you are grateful for in your life. This can be your beautiful apartment, your healthy body, your children or animals, your partner, your friends, the opportunity to go on vacation ...

  • Movement: Take 20 minutes to move your body. This can be yoga or other strength exercises. If you have the opportunity to jog, do so. Your body will be in a completely different state. You feel more awake and fitter.

  • Take a cold shower: Even if it takes a lot of effort at the beginning, it makes your body really fit! After your warm cozy shower, turn your mind off, turn the faucet on cold, and just do it. Screeching allowed!

If you devote the first hour of your day only to yourself, you will be able to organize your everyday life better because you are much clearer and more alert.


How long does it take you to turn your new habit into a routine?


There are various studies that show that it takes between 21 and 60 days for a new action to become a routine. Routine means that you can no longer imagine what your life was like before.


Start - for you!

3rd tip: Get support - priceless gain in time

Life with a job, partnership, children or animals and household is a big wheel that you can turn every day.


So that you don't lose your fun in life and have the feeling of being swallowed up by everyday life and the household, I recommend that you get support.


1. Invest in a domestic help that will help you organize your private everyday life better. You can invest your little time in fulfilling activities that bring you more joy and that improve your quality of life.
2. Treat yourself to an afternoon or two without children: organize a babysitter to look after your children. Schoolchildren are happy to offer their services and you gain valuable time for yourself.

4th tip: rooms with little assistants - duration 15 minutes

Especially with children, you often experience the feeling that you are living in constant chaos and that you are unable to organize your household. You sometimes feel tired and exhausted because you know that after the wildest game battle, the apartment is completely buried.


Here is my tip:

Tidy up with your children. Do a challenge with them. Children love competitions. Combine the tidying up with a lot of fun, then your children will join in voluntarily because they “don't clean up”, but play another fun game. Best of all, you win the game.


For example, you can set them as a goal, whoever has the boxes full first, has won.


And then there's a race in the kitchen, where you prepare dinner with them.
This will help you organize your everyday life with fun.

Tip 5: Sort regularly - every 14 days for 15 minutes