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Hidden messages

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Hidden messages


Hidden messages is a quest that was introduced in Update 14. It deals with the fate of the original Mirage as the player tries to uncover the meaning behind various cryptic poems on an ancient Orokin artifact. Successful completion rewards the player with the individual parts that are needed to build the MirageWarframe.

You get the blueprint for the quest after defeating the phantom on the Sedna Bridge on Pluto.

Procedure [edit | Edit source]

Hidden messages Edit source]

In order to start the quest, you have to make it in the forge beforehand.

After the hidden messages have been established, the quest is unlocked. It can now be started in the quest section of the Codex.

First riddle: Olympus [edit | Edit source]

After starting the quest, Ordis reports and explains that he has discovered a hidden message in the object that has just been built. He then begins to recite the hidden riddle and give his opinion on it. The puzzle can then be found in the inbox.


the origin of the orokin artifact you just created is a mystery to me. I just cannot fathom its usefulness. All I can tell you is that it was labeled with the following nonsense:

Three parts, three deeds, three riddles for the -

to revive the one fantasy.

Ancient gods so cruel, once led them from above.

Can you call her summit, where land and sky met.

Nothing in my database sheds any light on its meaning. You'd think the Orokin had better things to do than scribble nursery rhymes on things. Well, I suppose that not everything you create can be of use.

Ordis, Ship's Cephalon

The answer to this riddle is Mount Olympus, which in turn refers to the location Olympus, Mars in the game. In Greek mythology, Olympus (the highest mountain in Greece) is described as the place where the land scratches the sky. According to the story, it is the home of the twelve Olympian gods of the ancient Greek world. Olympus Mons, which can be found on the real Mars, is also the highest mountain in the solar system.

Interruption[Edit | Edit source]

Olympus is an annihilation mission in an infested ship with enemies between level 25-35. Completing the mission rewards the player with the blueprint for the Mirage helmet, which must be built in order to continue the quest.

During the mission, Lotus sends the player cryptic messages that contain references to the old war (War of Sentients). The first message comes right at the beginning of the mission.

I feel a strange energy in the area. A void signature, an old signature. I am receiving faint images - memories.

Continue the mission while I investigate further.

A little later in the mission, after about a quarter of defeated opponents, a second message comes from Lotus.

The Void signature ... it's very old. I see ... ships that suddenly come out of wormholes! A Warframe fighting the Sentients ... the shields fail ...

Sorry Tenno, I'm not sure what that was.

It is evident that Lotus saw memories from the war against the Sentients, an event first mentioned in the Codex entries of Excalibur / Excalibur Prime.

At the end, after all opponents have been defeated, Lotus says the following:

I see the Sentients attacking them, dying in great numbers. Now her energy is used up and I tell her to leave, but she just laughs while she rips off the heads of the enemies who are encircling her.

I discovered something in the memories ... a blueprint.

The transmission tells the Tenno that whoever was fighting the Sentients back then ignored all of Lotus's warnings and kept fighting. Apparently, despite the unfavorable situation, she was more than equal to the opponents.

The Tenno are now able to build the Mirage helmet.

Second riddle: Calypso [edit | Edit source]

After completing the Mirage helmet, Ordis discovers that it also contains a hidden message. He begins to recite them and give his opinion. The puzzle can be found in the inbox again.


Remember, Ordis thought, that this jumble of words is nothing but a scribble from a bygone scribe. But you saw more. Now you have the helmet for a whole new class of Warframe. Very impressive operator.

Exciting news. Ordis found another text on the inside of Mirage's helmet:

To build the one you think is witty
Look for the nymph whose song unfolds so beautifully.
With her song and a grin, she wrapped him up.
It must have been a shame for his wife.

I have no idea what that means, but I would have chosen other rhymes if I had to describe its literary value.

Ordis, ship's cephalon

The answer to this puzzle is Calypso, Saturn (15 minutes of survival). In Greek mythology, Calypso is known as the nymph who keeps Odysseus on her island with her song and keeps him away from his wife Penelope. It should be noted, however, that after receiving the message, another quest (not on Calypso) must be played in order to be able to play the quest on Calypso.

intermezzo[Edit | Edit source]

Third riddle: Charybdis [edit | Edit source]

Charybdis is derived from the monster that, according to Homer's poems, lived together with Scylla in a strait. He had to pass this during the Odyssey of Odysseus. The riddle is:

One more act before the price is yours.

An ancient creature, will you be in the vortex?

Look for the monster that devoured sailors.

If you make a mistake, it is your downfall.

Charybdis is a shapeless sea monster from Greek mythology that "sucks in sea water three times a day and then expels it with a roar."1 This creates a vortex. The one who got too close to the monster drowned in the floods and literally "went under", as it stands in the riddle. These were sailors, since only ships could get to the strait by the rocks. So if the course of the ship is not exactly one ends up either with Charybdis or Scylla, a many-headed monster lurking on the other side. According to some sources, Scylla and Charybdis were once lovers, which the sorceress Circe didn't like because she once had a relationship with Charybdis, who then left her for Scylla. In a rage, she turned them both into monsters who could never be together.

The place we were looking for is Charybdis on Sedna.

About the mission: You have to destroy so-called hives. To destroy them, you first have to look for mutations and kill them. Once you've done them, the hives are no problem.

[1] Charybdis on Wikipedia

final[Edit | Edit source]

A hidden message:

The end is here operator,

You did it! Mirage's chassis is ready. You have all three parts and all you need now is the Warframe blueprint.

Predictably, I found another inscription on the chassis:

Three deeds accomplished to see the end.

Soon enemies will go down in front of Mirage.

Lost memories are being reborn.

A new warrior awakens, has sworn obedience.

My theory: Whoever wrote this could lead Mirage so skillfully that no one dared to criticize his poems.

Ordis, ship's cephalon

epilogue[Edit | Edit source]