Are LinkedIn placements real?

XING advertising vs. LinkedIn ads: basics, experiences & comparison

XING advertising and LinkedIn ads offer two interesting ways to display advertising in the B2B environment. Below are the basics of advertising via XING and LinkedIn and a comparison of the two offers.

We already looked at the PPC alternatives to Google Adwords in the article AdWords alternatives: Google forces companies to adopt PPC diversity. An interesting alternative for advertisers in B2B The business networks offer an area here XING and LinkedIn.LinkedIn has over the world 300 million members, about 6 million of them in Germany / Austria / Switzerland. XING is only represented in Germany / Austria / Switzerland, but has about 8 million members. Both networks have now recognized that they too can earn money with the data of their members by allocating advertising space.

The data from these two networks are sometimes considered to be more valuable than that of Facebook. If there are a number of profiles on Facebook with little data, untruthful information but also complete fake profiles, one can assume that the business profiles are filled with extensive and truthful personal data.



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What advertising formats are there on XING?

XING offers advertisers three ways to draw attention to themselves within the community:




Advertisements in the XING layout (self-booking variant)

The Ads in the XING layout are the entry-level version of the XING Ads. There is no specified minimum budget and the campaigns have to be set up and optimized by yourself without the support of XING.


What can be advertised in the advertisements in the XING layout?

In addition to promoting external landing pages offer the Ads in the XING layout the possibility of that own profile, a company profile, groups, Events but also job advertisements to apply. It should be noted here that advertised external pages are only displayed to basic members and not to premium members.




What targeting options are there for the advertisements in the XING layout?

The Targeting XING campaign options offer the opportunity to address precisely those from a large number of XING members who most closely match my product or service. This allows it to be great Wastage to avoid. The orientation offers the choice between geographical and demographic Data up to Career level and the Branch, in which the XING members work. There is also the option of addressing XING members who are similar to my desired target group.

Where do the advertisements appear and what format do the advertisements have in the XING layout?

The XING advertisements contain a picturethat has at least a resolution of 192 × 192 pixels should have, as well as one Ad text. The ad format offers a different number of characters depending on the placement. The following graphic provides an overview of this:



The Ads in the XING layout appear, as the name suggests, very discreet and inconspicuous with the news on the XING homepage or in the iOS app from XING.


A big disadvantage of the Ads in the XING layout is that you cannot have multiple ads in one campaign. A new campaign must be created for each additional ad.

XING display advertising

The XING display ads are another way of using the XING advertising network. The XING display ads are commissioned by one of XING Marketer supervised. The Self-management campaigns are therefore not possible with this format. To use the XING display ads, a Minimum booking volume of 4000€ provided. The advantage compared to the ads in the XING layout is the possibility correct advertising banners to use, further targeting options to choose as well as one exclusive control the ad banner per page. The ads can only be on CPM base and cannot be booked on a CPC basis.


Exclusive cooperation within the XING advertising network

The third variant is an exclusive cooperation with XING. Here you will be contacted by XING in the Campaign planning and control intensively supported. However, a prerequisite is one Minimum budget of 50.000€. In addition, the following additional criteria must be met:




What advertising formats are there on LinkedIn?

Also LinkedIn offers advertisers different possibilities to use the internal advertising network. A distinction can be made here between the LinkedIn Ads and the LinkedIn display ads.


LinkedIn Ads (self-booking variant)

Just like the ads in the XING layout, LinkedIn offers with the LinkedIn Ads a Self-booking variant, in which the advertisers have the creation of the campaign and its control in their own hands.


What can be advertised with the LinkedIn Ads?

Basically, LinkedIn Ads offer two options for creating a campaign.



Create LinkedIn advertisements

For one thing, it can be external site or on the other side within the LinkedIn network. Up to 15 advertisements created and tested against each other. It is also possible Video files instead of one Image file to be attached to the advertisement text.

Sponsor content on LinkedIn

This option offers the possibility via the Newsfeed Share content on the LinkedIn homepage. This gives companies the opportunity to keep LinkedIn members up to date with news. By letting users read the article share and like can increase the Range.


What targeting options do I have with LinkedIn Ads?

In addition to the Targeting optionswhich are also offered by the ads in the XING layout, you can use the LinkedIn ads with additional targeting options to define your target group even more precisely. There is also the option of using the Field of activity as well as the Training center but also targeted Company name or Group names to choose.

Where do the ads appear on LinkedIn and what format do they have?

The Placements, on which the LinkedIn Ads are displayed are diverse. This is how ads are displayed in Post office box, on the Home page, within groups, on the Search results page as well as the Profile Pages displayed. A picture with min. 50 × 50 pixels needed for a Maximum size of 2MB. For the ad text, the Heading 25 characters and in Text field 75 characters to disposal.

LinkedIn Premium Display Advertising

Like XING, LinkedIn offers advertisers the opportunity to place more prominent advertisements in the form of banners. The LinkedIn Premium Display Advertising differs from the LinkedIn Ads by additional placement options and larger formats. As with XING, the premium display campaigns are managed by a marketer.


LinkedIn Ads vs. Ads in the XING layout

It can be stated in advance that there is not really a clear winner or loser of the two networks. Depending on the criterion, both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Let's start with the most important criterion, the Range. It is important for every advertiser to reach the largest possible audience in order to either increase brand awareness or generate conversions. For the German market XING in this regard, a very clear advantage with a maximum range of 5,970,000 potential XING members across from LinkedIn with 2,929,988 members. However, there is one restriction at XING. If I want to advertise an external page as a landing page, I have no way of reaching premium members. Is my International target group, so is LinkedIn the more attractive network. In addition to Germany, only Switzerland and Austria can be accessed as additional countries via XING. over LinkedIn on the other hand is a Worldwide addressing of target groups possible.

With regard to the Targeting options is this LinkedIn Advertising network by XING a Tip of nose ahead. I can also use LinkedIn Ads to target companies, groups and people in certain areas of activity (departments). However, you should be careful not to define your target group too narrowly, as this can severely limit the range.

XING offers the possibility of the Show to design something more extensive than LinkedIn. So in title60 characters be set and in Ad text 140. There is also the option of displaying a80-character comment to add. The LinkedIn ads do not offer the writer's creativity quite as much leeway, however 25 characters in the title and 75 characters for the Ad text the words must be chosen particularly well. The advantage the LinkedIn Ads however, is clearly in the more prominent placement. So there are up to 5 placements on which the ads are played. At XING however, the ads only appear on the News page.

Creating the campaigns turns out to be quite simple with both networks. The setting of the targeting options as well as the budget and CPCs can be created quickly for both networks. The creation of several ad texts for later A / B testing is done with LinkedIn however, easier. So I can do up to 15 advertisements Create with picture and text combinations. At XING I can, however, in everyone campaign only an advertisement text create with picture. For each additional ad text, an additional campaign must be created.

Both networks allow ads on CPC or CPM base to book. The Minimum CPC is in both networks 2€. However, both networks recommend one, depending on the targeting option Bid rangethat fast at 5€ begins. If you are below the recommended bid range, the ads will hardly be displayed. LinkedIn calls for Minimum daily budget of 10€. The XING advertising network does not have this requirement.




Conclusion: XING Advertising and LinkedIn Ads are a real B2B alternative to Google AdWords

For B2B customers, both advertising networks represent a real alternative to Google Adwords. The high CPC is initially a deterrent, but can be justified by the high-quality target group and is no longer very different from the increasing CPCs for Google Adwords.

It is not possible to say in general which of the two networks is to be preferred. If I want to advertise my product or service worldwide, the XING advertising network has reached its limits and there is no getting around LinkedIn. If, on the other hand, the reach within Germany is more important to me, XING is the more attractive network. To what extent the different number of characters and placements for ads have an effect on the performance of the campaigns, we will try to determine in future tests. We will then report on this in another article.