Is there another method to create pits

Did you know? Because of this, some people have dimples

We all probably know someone with dimples on their faces - most of the time they show up on their cheeks, especially when you smile. It is estimated that around 20 percent of people have visible pits, slightly more often in women than men. So they are relatively rare, but what are the reasons for them and are they even some kind of anomaly in the end? The experts at "" have the answers to these and other questions.

Dimples don't just appear on the face

Dimples usually appear on the cheeks, but there are also some on the chin, again mostly in men. However, they are not only limited to the human face, there are also dimples in the back and lumbar region - but only marginally. Cheek dimples are perceived by the majority as attractive, especially in Asia, where even cosmetic surgery is booming. But happier are those who got it naturally - and that has the following reasons.

Beautiful dimples also deserve beautiful skin. This is how you can get rid of blackheads, for example.

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Our face has about 50 muscles

Our facial muscles are made up of around 50 muscles, including the tongue. With these muscles we chew, close and open our eyes, frown, in short, with them we create our entire mimic repertoire. For example, when we smile, 17 muscles are used. One of them is even called the laughing muscle, scientifically correct Musculus risorius. And that is also responsible for the formation of the dimples - if they exist.

The decisive dimple factor is the laugh muscles

The laughing muscle runs from below the temple along the cheekbones to the cheek. Strictly speaking, he does that twice, because we have two of them, and of course the one on the left and one on the right. By contracting and shortening, this pair of muscles pulls the corners of our mouth upwards - there are other muscles involved, but the laughing muscle is the crucial one in this process, because it is the largest and most powerful. It works the same for everyone, but how do the dimples come about?

You can't really do anything about dimples and who wants that too? With annoying facial hair, however, things are different.

The stronger the muscles, the more pronounced the dimples

Whether or not dimples appear depends primarily on the individual strength of the muscle pair. The stronger the laughing muscles are, the more they pull the skin next to the corners of the mouth inward when they shorten while smiling - and the dimples are already there. In the majority of people, however, the muscles are too weak, then nothing can be seen.

In some cases, the dimples can also be seen permanently, whether you are smiling or not. Here the laughing muscles are naturally shorter than normal, which has the same but constant effect as if they were shortened when you smile. Dimples do not always have to appear in pairs, sometimes the muscles are different and then only one dimple appears on one side. And dimples can also disappear again over time, because sometimes the laughing muscles weaken with age.