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The finest Swiss watch technology meets simple elegance - that is exactly the hallmark of Balmain watches. From 1987 to 1995 the men's and women's watches were created by the Swatch Group, which combine their years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the latest watch technology with the well-known, reliable Swiss Made quality. And that was the birth of the classic Balmain Watch.

History of the Balmain Watches

The French Balmain was founded in 1945 by the eponymous fashion designer Pierre Balmain. In the 1950s and 60s in particular, the company was part of haute couture. In 1977 the founder sold the company to an international investor group and Balmain experienced a very changeable time.

Between 1987 and 1995 the Swatch Group secured the Manufakutr rights for Balmain watches. In December 1995 the Swatch Group secured the exclusive rights to the production, launch and distribution of Balmain watches. Balmain is officially a Swiss watch brand with its headquarters in Saint-Imier.

In 2007 the traditional company celebrated its 20th anniversary in the heart of Switzerland. The noble "Elysee“Collection established, which enjoys great popularity worldwide thanks to its subtle design and high-quality Swiss clockwork.

New Balmain watches and the secret of success

What sets Balmain watches apart from conventional models is undoubtedly their legendary Arabesques dial, which is inspired by the elaborate, ornate embroidery of the French top designer Pierre Balmain. Just like every single piece of clothing in his fashion lines, each one is Balmain clock a small one-off, a small masterpiece that tells its very own story. In the Balmain house, no two clocks are the same.

Be it elegant steel gold, fine stainless steel or precious white gold or 18-carat silver - each one Balmain Uhr is characterized by its extremely high quality standards and attention to detail. This is where attention to detail and prestige meet. It is not for nothing that the Balmain brand stands for timeless elegance and sophistication that meets the aesthetic demands of style-conscious women and women style-conscious man of today perfectly suits.

Classica Gent Automatic - The noble classic

Sometimes less is more - that’s also the case Montres Balmain Classica Gent Automatic Collection taken to heart. Its simple design with a discreet analogue dial and its narrow bracelet are the incarnation of simple elegance.

Be it splendidly made of silver stainless steel, stylish with a high-quality black leather strap or extravagant with white gold and silver - the Montres Balmain Classica Gent Automatic The collection is so diverse and varied that the right model can be found quickly for every style. And for an even more precise time indication and an even higher style factor, the outer case is also decorated with artistic Roman numerals.

B-Crazy Chain - The epitome of femininity

The most delicate and feminine collection from Balmain is without a doubt that Montres Balmain B-Crazy Chain Collection. The combination of a fine, narrow bracelet and a large round dial creates a harmonious ensemble that expresses the delicate and elf-like essence of femininity more beautifully than any other watch.

And also the Montres Balmain B-Crazy Chain convinces with its diverse design. From sporty in stainless steel to romantic in rose gold to elegant in white gold - the design leaves nothing to be desired. And don't forget the wide range of stylish dials. Whether discreetly in black or silver or playful with artistic ornaments and patterns - the tasteful dials have the right model for every taste.

Chic Fashion - This is what the future looks like

The extravagant models of the Montres Balmain Chic Fashion Collection. The extra wide bracelet and the square dial are characterized by their futuristic design, which is further supported by the oversized curved case and the braided plastic bracelet. A small, unique piece is created that can hardly be surpassed in terms of avant-gardism. This is what the future of the watch looks like.

But not just the futuristic design of the Montres Balmain Chic Fashion Collection immediately catches the eye. The large range of different models also knows how to inspire through and through. Do you like it simple and modern? Then you are exactly right with the classic model in silver and black. How about a little touch Elegance and femininity? The noble ensemble in white and gold always gives its wearer that certain something. Or maybe a gentle nostalgia kiss? The Montres Balmain Chic Fashion in black and rose gold gives every look the romantic finishing touch.

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