How does a survey work

How does this work?

This is a platform on which live surveys can be created and carried out - for example in lectures or seminars. With the help of mobile devices such as smartphones or laptops, the audience can participate interactively via this website or via SMS, similar to a TED survey. The evaluation is directly available. Alternatively, surveys can be created that the participants can answer independently of each other.

First steps

There are just a few simple steps to create a live survey.

1. Log in

In order to create and conduct surveys, you can log in directly with your TU Dresden access data (ZIH login). Registration is not necessary. In the instructor view you will find a collection of questions with sample questions that you can use for your first attempts.

2. Create a collection of questions

In the left column of the lecturer's view you will find both your questionnaires (initially only the Test collection) and the button New collectionto create your own collections of questions. You can create normal question collections for live surveys, but also surveys that the participants can answer independently of each other.

3. Create a question

Via the button Add question you can create questions in a question collection. Here are the question types free text or Selection (single choice) to disposal. The free text can consist of any text or a number from a defined range of values.

4. Start a live poll

After you have created a question, you can click the button start a survey start directly with the questioning of the plenary session. Alternatively, you will find various icons in the question overview of a question collection, including one Play-Icon to start the survey.

Before or during a survey, you can access the Presentation mode switch to hide page elements that are unimportant for the plenary and to enlarge the question and answer options. This survey view contains all information relevant to the plenary to answer the question asked.

Note: This tool does not recognize or prevent automated access to the survey pages. This can lead to unwanted entries in the surveys.

Contact Person

If you have any questions about usage, please contact:

E-learning at the TU Dresden
Phone: +49 351 463-34942
Email: [email protected]