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SMART ECO. GYM. What is Eco. Gym? Management.


1 The future of GYM ANYFIT INTERNATIONAL Hanauer Landstr, 60314 Frankfurt am Main, DE T Designed by AnyFit Health Tech. GmbH in Frankfurt Germany

2 SMART ECO. GYM Management The company's current core product is a solution for all problems related to the new "Smart Eco. Gym" fitness club. In addition, a new club is being formed that can keep up with the resources of the AnyFit platform for environmentally friendly health systems and has health management for members and intelligent training management. This includes a) the provision of a platform for members in the field of health and sports management, b) "smart training" technology, c) performance and design of first-class smart fitness equipment, d) club space design and functional systems with regard to operating models, Products. Through the business model of S2B2C, we support different types of clubs to upgrade with a full service or a separate product line module and to be able to offer a personalized service for each member in order to improve the profitability of the club. Mobile internet and intelligent technology make it more efficient to help people develop a new healthy lifestyle in order to gain more development space. What is Eco. Gym? Hello everyone, my name is Dr. Marcus Dworak and I am a certified sports scientist. I was previously at the German Sports University in Cologne. No matter how many methods you ask me about, I will try to understand which training methods are most effective for improving your physical performance. After the last year of this training and research into physical performance, I really understand that the specially tailored training plan and the right equipment are the key factors to achieve the training goals as effectively and safely as possible. The Eco. Gym is an intelligent center for health and sports management. The club provides intelligent health management and intelligent personal training services for its members and every user of its platform, a new business model with lean operational management. AnFit Germany is an international company that has specialized in the development of intelligent training systems. This team is led by a cross-functional team from Germany and international experts in sports science and fitness training with many years of experience in science and industry. The entire development of the innovative training courses and devices is based on current scientific standards and is continuously improved and adapted, based on new scientific research and experience or training programs and devices that have been specially developed for private home use as well as the use of professional institutes. from Dr. Markus Dworak

3 Smart Cardio Intelligent Strength Personal Training Smart Group Smart Trainer Office MS Body Measurement Smart Reception Hall Learn what AnyFit can do for you Punktthe gym by info. point Take a seat and download the AnyFit app to set your ID for everything next Select your favorite AnyFit armband Step into the future of fitness 01 02

4 Before you start, get an overview of the AnyFit service and products. You should know exactly what AnyFit can do for you. We create more space for visitors to learn AnyFit themselves. Here you will understand that every Eco Studio is not a normal gym, but has a powerful platform and high-tech and health conscious resources around the world. Get a Personal ID bracelet at the RS issue. A health package is available for additional personal training functions. Before entering the gym, you will need an ID. The AnyFit app will help you with this. Checking in and out becomes more convenient with an intelligent bracelet. You can receive this via smart payment with AnyFit APP

5 Personal Fitness Based on the results and requirements of your health test, the Smart Training System can create a private training program for each fitness method; anyone who is interested will get a smooth status very quickly Weight management Cardio Outdoor Cardio With the concept of Eco Health and smarter Training technology, AnyFit offers high quality personal fitness programs for everyone. You can make the most of your personal space and time to easily meet your health goals under the guidance of a professional trainer with courses and equipment. Functional training Free wiping Physical 05 06

6 MS Body measurement Smart Cardio Body fat measurement Physical test Knock detection Smart trainer office The exclusive and experienced team of trainers works for you here. Customized training and health plan for months. Smart missions including smart courses and nutrition for your everyday life. Download APP Health data collection Fitness test Health questionnaire Check the health data Check my training mission, find the correct cardio item, log in and exercise automatically. If you develop the training program today by your experienced team of trainers via the AnyFit platform, we call it smart cardio training. Registration is much easier with the AnyFit smart bracelet. Your heart rate can also be continuously tracked during exercise. The intelligent display can show the situation of your brief absence and nobody can log in during the break

7 Smart ID Training Plan Nutrition Plan Relax Plan Smart Trainning Check the training data 09 10

8 Intelligent Strength Following your exclusive training program, just like Smart Cardio, you can use AnyFit to carry out all new Smart Strength equipment via the AnyFit platform, the training program preset by your experienced team of trainers. Registration is much easier with the AnyFit smart bracelet. Your heart rate can also be continuously tracked during exercise. The intelligent display can show the situation of your brief absence and nobody can log in during the break

9 Smart Group 13 With AnyFit TouchFit stations, physical training is intelligently possible forever. With Any-Connection Tech. The TouchFit can be used for physical training with all kinds of fashionable training accessories and devices. Thousands of videos and training programs give you a special experience for physical training. You can customize your personal course even more online with your expert trainer. You will find that starting a new group course with complex and varied actions has never been so easy. Although there is only one trainer for a cross-training course, all training details and information are perfectly preset in an intelligent way. Course info. Check in anytime - AnyFit CC All information is saved in the Eco. Studio synchronized with the intelligent training platform. You can easily get the course calendar and details at a suitable location. Even without a smartphone, members can book a group course at AnyFit CC using their Personal ID. 14th

10 CS Custom Eco. Gym System Compatibility Hotel School Company Office Residential Area Advantage from Eco.Gym standard service standard technology Smart operating mode fewer employees Remote control Big data management more intensive and personal service Social style of membership RS Fewer members lose AnyFit Standard An intelligent training system for all planning and construction projects from Custom Eco.Gym AnyFit Design Language system for communication systems, products, interior design, interior and facility solutions AnyFit Service Certification system Every single member can workout training plan any where as long as a Studio owns an AnyFit Smart training logo. Every member can participate in a training plan, provided that a studio has an AnyFit Smart training logo Other permanent and new members 15 16


12 Intelligent health management and personal online advice. The services of the Anyfit Eco. Gym are based on personal health information: professional personal trainers adapt their intelligent health and fitness programs to personal preferences etc. depending on the health and sport status of the individual members and then develop the fitness course for the day using fitness equipment with intelligent training technology. The information and data on health and fitness activities of the members can be recorded and analyzed in real time. Also, they can be combined with professional personal trainers to provide better reference and suggestions for the next step. With the help of the intelligent training platform Anyfit, the work efficiency of the personal trainer is significantly improved: Thanks to the fast interaction between the APP and the Device Smart End and the members, every intelligent full-time trainer can lead more members in a targeted manner. Personal Experience A personalized service enhances the member's experience. The result of streamlined services and scientific data operations leads to a better member experience. With data and intelligent operations, every certified eco-club can become more flexible and comfortable in terms of membership control, peak times, interactive curriculum, space and atmosphere. More high-end and elegant conditions. Thanks to the cheaper private online service, members feel that they are clearly valued

13 Efficient management Regarding operational methods, remote management and data management are implemented. These advanced technologies and devices enable the integration of the club's equipment, courses, membership management, coaching and marketing activities at the training level, as well as the quick and convenient management of intelligent platforms, reducing team operating costs and greatly improving service and marketing efficiency. Fitness Test How does the intelligent personal training service work? A bespoke smart plan that allows members to have personal body data Eco. Gym not only offers its members services for physical assessment and the assessment of the training effect, but also creates personal body data via online questions and answers via the APP. With the help of the app, members can take a comprehensive test to record their body values ​​and assess their fitness level every 4 weeks. All data is summarized and updated on the cloud server, which the member can share with the personal trainer. The certified, professional personal trainer can then manage the members' data with the help of Anyfit Suita and query the training information at any time. According to statistical analysis, he can quickly understand the sport level, physical condition, training effect and other information. From which the trainer then prepares suitable fitness programs and targeted fitness courses, nutrition tips and rest programs. An intelligent health plan is completed in just ten minutes and sent to members or comparable members with one click. Members can receive this bespoke intelligent fitness and wellness program at any time via the app. The trainer individualizes the training plan and the plant template. The member can select his / her preferred trainer in the training area in order to have an intelligent and individual training plan created

14 Execution of the course and data acquisition All devices and courses at the event location have functions for process identification and data acquisition, the automatic recording and feedback of training intensity data or the training history and can receive and execute the training content prepared by the trainer. Depending on the current course schedule, members can freely switch between different training devices. In accordance with the recommendations, the supply of minerals and the rest of the diet are also completely transferred to the APP. After the initial setup, the day's results are summarized in the calendar along with training progress. DUTIES OF THE PERSONAL TRAINERS The Smart Club employs more than two Smart Personal Trainers who are responsible for the analysis of member data, course planning and the daily Smart Personal Training. Most of the work involves one-minute interviews per person per day or shorter if done online. The interview is based on the analysis of the member data and recommendations: 1. Detailed request and suggestions. 2. Recommendations for individual (one-to-one) health plans. The cumulative working time is about 3 hours. Then, according to the member's information, the Management Line user (personal trainer) creates a four-week training plan on the Suita platform within 15 minutes and selects the appropriate intelligent course, also for users who have subscribed to the upgrade service. Differentiated training measures and nutrition plans will of course take up twice the working time. In similar situations, trainers can review data for members and use the system to summarize similar profiles. By fine-tuning the standard course schedule, the experience history and the saving of the examples, the library of frequently used programs as well as specific courses can be continuously expanded. The experience gained in this way enables greater work efficiency. Depending on the current course schedule, members can freely switch between different training devices. In accordance with the recommendations, the supply of minerals and the rest of the diet are also completely transferred to the APP. Detailed inquiries and suggestions The current training status as well as the daily training data can be displayed in the mobile app. Recommendations for individual (one-to-one) health plans. The cumulative working time is about 3 hours

15 In similar situations, trainers can review data for members and use the system to summarize similar profiles. How do intelligent personal education services contribute to the club? CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVING SERVICE EFFICIENCY With feedback from members, the more certified personal trainer can train to increase the number and quality of member services and of course to increase income through personal training. Due to the online booking of service requests and the response time of the on-site interview, the service feedback is implemented within one working day and the members receive an automated response after making an appointment and making an online payment. The system will review the implementation of the feedback within the specified time to ensure the quality of service and carry out the assessment. Members can conduct an online assessment of the timeliness and quality of the service. The evaluations of all members of the trainer will be used this month as a basis for judging the quality of their work. Personal commissions and job performance tables are automatically created based on the ready-made commission management mechanism. The preference and rating of the trainer is displayed to the members on the platform. The lower level trainers receive a double rating of member preference and platform management statistics and can be deleted through the club staffing mechanism. In contrast, with excellent performance and high member rating, intelligent trainers will continue to improve their performance. The actual pace of work can be improved by the popularity of the trainer and the familiarity of the members. The negotiation process is even shorter and can only be done with the help of online messaging. This can significantly improve the service efficiency of the trainers. The training details and the recording of the intelligent training devices in the club, the reasonable setting of the course contribution to the sports effect contribution index, the data analysis method, the member data screening, the design of interactive online tools, etc. are taken into account in the collection, analysis and evaluation of the members' training effect. The negotiation process is even shorter and can also only be done with the help of online messaging. Member activity, commission income The trainer area serves the different types of trainers: In order to cater to the different training needs of the members, individual course systems can be designed and, after a data analysis, trainers can also be recommended to the members

16 Question about differentiation courses, training video and nutrition update Depending on the club's positioning and membership orientation, the R&D team of the club training technology can use the open intelligent course editing function to create courses and videos themselves and generate smarter courses according to the club's own situation.With handy mobile phones, professional camera equipment, and other recording devices, it's easy to create a video clip or complete course material that matches the personality of the club or coach and assemble it into an intelligent video course that meets the system requirements. For aerobic or weight training equipment, the training intensity and procedures can be freely compiled depending on the member's situation. The mall's merchandise management function allows club to manage its own merchandise and related information based on its source of nutritional products. Therefore, each club can have an independent course system and an online store. Audio and video listing Import video and audio files: Audio and video recorded by the club itself can be uploaded. Is the equipment of the Eco. Freely configurable gym? ADAPTATION UNDER STANDARD MODULES Eco. Gym is a standard system that Anyfit plans based on the principles of health management and intelligent training. We provide bespoke services for configuring, planning and designing according to the positioning, scope and location of the club. We have a full certification and design services process to help the club operations team complete this work. TS refers to the intelligent training area, including a variety of aerobic machines, strength machines with intelligent training functions, free training and small group training with TouchFit as a training unit, as well as private one-on-one lesson modules for accelerated vibration training. These modules and intelligent training devices are the standardization modules of Anyfit. You work with the intelligent training technology from Anyfit. For example, our treadmill can automatically identify the user and conduct the day's training topics. Members only need to scan the bracelet to log in. Start the task function. The various training devices from TS also differ significantly in terms of intelligent training: Other common plug-in devices are temporarily not compatible with this system. Action / Training Details Editing the Action / Video Library: Custom club training videos can be created by trimming and editing the media materials. Intelligent Equipment Training Aerobics as well as intelligent strength training: Trainers can adjust the intensity and training processes based on the physical condition of the member

17 How is group training improved through intelligent Anyfit training? The implementation of group training is also made more human thanks to the intelligent course management platform: members can view the club's course and schedule and register via the smart curriculum for mobile phones and clubs. You can also book and join randomly online. Courses and member appointments are displayed simultaneously on the course management page of the Suita back office and on the trainer's mobile page and can make adjustments and notifications according to the actual situation. Courses that are billed separately can also be price adjusted. The members must of course participate or pay separately depending on their individual memberships. Allow 1-4 trainees to train in groups at the same time. It covers an area of ​​10 square meters. Allow 4-16 trainees to train in groups at the same time. It covers an area of ​​140 square meters. Members can view the club's course and schedule, and register through the smart cellphone and club curriculum. The trainer's display and can make the adjustments and notifications according to the actual situation 12 Allow a simultaneous group training of 2-8 trainees. It covers an area of ​​68 square meters

18 How can you increase sales in the club with the intelligent training platform? MORE ACTIVE SERVICE, MORE ACTIVE SALE. By customizing private fitness programs for members and online users of Anyfit APP, including courses, nutrition, recreation, etc., which we refer to as online personal trainer services, we can offer a lower price to a larger number of members and users . With the intelligent planning of the operating platform, the efficiency is multiplied. This can be done after a Smart Personal Education account has been authorized by the certification club. Pricing various intelligent personal training services and getting more exposure through early user experience make it easier for your buyers to place orders. This can be done faster by saving a general timetable or a template plan and adjusting the status of various members. For example, if a smart personal trainer has 1000 members in the club and has published numerous high-profile fitness classes and programs, there may be hundreds of online training opportunities. A large number of ordinary users can purchase the simple training plan they publish online and do some simple workouts at home to achieve certain fitness goals. During the period, you can also have a specific text interaction with the buyer through the platform for a better review. It's easy to believe that the more active and professional the more publishers have, the more opportunities they have to grow sales. Club area with diversified product launch and sales increase for the club. The information area can increase popularity and encourage members to join by posting a variety of industry news, technical articles, fitness knowledge, club activities, and competitive activities. The trainer area: by interacting with the members, the trainer can publish high quality fitness plans and courses on the platform, which gives them commissions. How is the intelligent device of the Eco. Gym Certification Clubs Managed Effectively? ANYFIT'S SUITA BACKEND PROVIDES DEVICE MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONS. DEVICE MANAGEMENT Intelligent device classification management: Each device has a unique identification code. Depending on the various types of aerobics and power movement, the club can view the overall operating status of the various types of equipment, whether it is in use, whether operation is normal and in real time, operating current, voltage, and whether it is running at full load. When the device fails, the system sends an error warning for the first time, notifies customer service, roughly assesses the failure and provides the appropriate solution to simplify service by customer service. For some vulnerable parts, lifetime data is collected and replacement forecasts are made at the predetermined time and mileage. The frequency of use of the device is analyzed to record the peak usage and idle time of the daily device, which allows the club to optimize the device configuration. DEVICE DATA The club can view the status of various devices and record the daily operating times. The Suita system classifies and manages the club's equipment, displays the status of the equipment, records the daily operating data in real time and displays the historical data view, automatic alarms for maintenance errors after the sale, preventive reminder for the replacement of aging wear parts, recording of the daily activities of the equipment, high and low time analysis

19 CLIENT S APP AnyFit The AnyFit Smart Health Management and Training App is provided for end users based on the AnyFit Eco Health concept. It is a professional and open fitness service platform. With the Discover app, you can always find the trainer and individual health plans that are most interesting for you and also opt for the AnyFit-certified eco-fitness club for intelligent training. You can find out more about these exclusive courses and programs and how to complete missions in the app. AnyFit has intelligent functions to record personal information on health, health tests and statistics, statistics on training progress and analyzes. Under the I menu item, users can create and keep their full set of personal fitness and health data up to date. 33 SPECIAL FEATURES The courses and programs include the official high quality training and fitness programs from AnyFit, professional branding programs, innovative training programs and health programs from international freelance trainers and professional clubs. These courses and content are constantly updated and are constantly expanded as the number of service participants increases. The course and program contents include a variety of professional and interesting training offers: free and body weight training, professional equipment training, small group lessons, online courses. The categories include pilates, yoga, acceleration training, aerobics, professional strength, and free weight training. Training methods: running, cycling, climbing, hanging, etc. All courses and training methods are linked to information and reviews from the publisher so that users can fully understand the popularity and quality of the selected training content. End-users can find information about the platform, local trainers, clubs, courses, activities, nutrition and rest, and information about fitness products in the Discover section. These can easily be added under Mission to be able to carry them out anytime and anywhere. End-users can find information about the platform, local trainers, clubs, courses, activities, nutrition and rest, and information about fitness products in the Discover section. These can easily be added under Mission to be able to carry them out anytime and anywhere. APP users can also become members of the AnyFit Certified Ecological Fitness Club. With the app you can easily access the club introduction, event news and service content, as well as order membership cards and courses online. A special point is the inexpensive Smart Personal Trainer service, which is offered by certified Eco Fitness Clubs. With the online club certification for exclusive intelligent personal training, a personal trainer creates an intelligent training and nutrition plan for you. Once you have a smart plan, you can use any AnyFit smart training device in the club to train with your personal ID. All training content can be carried out in full, and the training results and quality assessment data are synchronized with the AnyFit Suita port so that they can be analyzed by you and your intelligent coach. They form the basis for the next training session. Nutritional and resting tasks can also be done at any time via the app. The APP can synchronize the physical data of the members of the eco-fitness club. AnyFit works with professional providers of body diagnostics to synchronize personal data with a customer and as an important source of information for creating personal health data and training logs. Even if you are on a business trip or at home, you can use the online service from the club's trainers: You can do your bodyweight training and training with small equipment using simple fitness suits and wearables. AnyFit will also develop smart home fitness equipment for the home and partner with other brands to bring more green health services to more individual users. 34

20 TRAINER S APP AnyFit Coach The AnyFit Smart Health Management and Training App is provided for trainers based on the AnyFit Eco Health concept. It is a professional and open fitness service platform. As the main group dealing with health and fitness enthusiasts, coaches lack direct interaction with members regarding service content and progress. The intelligent training technology and the environmental health concept of AnyFit solve this problem to herald a new future in the industry. 1 trainer for 1000 club members, unlimited online users YIf you have downloaded the coach, you can see what has been posted on the platform and you can become a smart coach after registering and logging in. Search and complete personal information, special information, recommended courses, smart training plans and information about your club through Suita. Once published, members and nearby users can find you directly and quickly through the client app. Updates to your users and other publishers on the platform can be viewed anytime, anywhere. Use the extensive library of the AnyFit intelligent training platform and thousands of training libraries to create recommended courses for trainers and even personal health and fitness intelligence programs that cover nutrition plans and rest programs. Let Members Customize Their Own Training Programs to Get More Attention Even if our action library doesn't meet the needs of your course, you can easily record your own courses and workouts and innovate the course system based on your personal skills. The AnyFit Smart course production is a powerful platform with which you can create not only video courses for strength training and small equipment training, but also AnyFit training programs for aerobics, strength training and other equipment. In addition to the normal APP users, you can also reach members of the AnyFit Certified Eco Club. You can also sell services online using AnyFit's constantly updated features. That is the intelligent personal trainer service. Smart plan and member management features allow you to post exclusive smart fitness and health programs for your users and members and efficiently manage hundreds of subscribers within an hour. If you have your own club live studio, AnyFit's Club Intelligence platform and client are also free for you and your members. You can contact AnyFit at any time to expand your club configuration, train the support and finally advance to the AnyFit Eco Fitness Certification Club. We look forward to your feedback, which helps AnyFit to better support trainers. CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER 35 36

21 Train with your Anyfit Tracker TRACKER SERIES FOLLOW YOUR INDIVIDUAL TRAINING PROGRAM FOR ANYFIT AND OTHER ACTIVITIES. Connect to your fitness equipment at home or in the studio Receive reminders via your tracker AnyFit idea IDEA CONNECTED Simple and stylish - the AnyFit IDea. Connect to the AnyFit training devices and train with your favorite expert trainer from AnyFit. With this tracker you can save and transport your personal data to any place, at home, in the gym or on vacation while swimming. Many different colors make your tracker a cool accessory. For more information on calls or text messages, refer to the restrained LED lights. AnyFit-Studio ID AnyFit studio ID (NFC) MORE This tracker is the basic device that is exclusive to all studio members. From this tracker you can easily view an equipment size 14 mm (W) screen size LED light LED light battery capacity 40mah Operating system Singlechip Singlechip RAM 64KB ROM 512KB Sensor LIS2DH12 Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 Housing ABS Waterproof Adaptive Area Battery Life Training Plan Sleep Quality Vibration IP67 50m Waterproof IOS8.0 / ANDROID days Degree of completion, training time Draw and analyze your sleep quality yes Watch strap TPU Bluetooh yes 37 38

22 ANYFIT VITA How do intelligent personal education services contribute to the club? VITA Record your training sessions with your AnyFit VITA Tracker and connect it to your training device. Your tracker can always show steps, time, calories and much more on the sports display. Your training data will be stored with consideration of sports science aspects via the AnyFit MORE equipment size screen size battery capacity operating system RAM ROM sensor 20 mm (W) 0.85 memory TFT, yes 110mah single chip 64KB 512KB MPU6050 Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 case watch strap waterproof adaptive area battery life step display ABS TPU P67 30m waterproof IOS8.0 / ANDROID4.3 7 days track activity: steps, distance, calories etc. AI TECHNOLOGY With the AI ​​technology from AnyFit, your individual training program is created based on your personal training results. HEART RATE You can monitor your exercise result as your heart rate is continuously recorded on your wrist. ONE PERSONAL TRAINER FOR 1000 MEMBERS Each Smart Coach can hold negotiation recommendations and course plans with at least four weeks of training per day, up to 300 per month. The cost for each plan is calculated at around 50 euros (this corresponds to the cost of a regular one-to-one lesson) and or even more, based on the professional level and popularity of the trainer (e.g. 100 euros, cost of 2 private lessons in the regular Club).This means that at least EUR per month can be achieved. In addition to the base salary, you can receive a commission of 10% to 20% of the value of each plan, which is approx. EUR. The total monthly salary can reach up to euros and is thus well above the industry average. The club can earn up to euros without profit from the sale of food. The two certified smart coaches can bring the club an additional profit of around up to EUR per month. This corresponds to more than monthly memberships of 30 euros. If you can make a profit of £ 100 per year for the club, you can increase your sales by at least 25%. (10-15) x 7days x 4 weeks = 300 Sleep quality Vibration time display Record & analyze sleep quality yes Date and time display If the club has an average of members per month, a Smart Personal Trainer can manage half of the club members, ie. 1000, individually support and increase the customer viscosity and repurchase rate of these customers. () x30 39 Bluetooth yes 40

23 Smart personal education is club tradition? Most club or studio service processes are essentially the same. For new members as well as for the first or regular communication with the old members, it takes half an hour to explain everything to them. Then you can train on your own. After reaching a certain fitness level, an appointment should be made to adapt the training level of the advanced members, of course the corresponding fees must also be paid. However, few members choose high prices to accept this advice and services. Just because of inefficient tools and platforms, the number of membership services and the efficiency of coaches cannot be improved, health advice is not continuous and meticulous, and interaction is limited to class time. Anyfit reacts to the current situation and increases the value of this service. In addition, this type of service can promote the free experience and dissemination of the club at an early stage, and improve the quality of sales through experience. Every club can try this service and further expand the professionalism and scope of the service. Must be the certified Eco. Buy Gym Physical Fitness Equipment? Yes, depending on the configuration of the Eco-Fitness Standard Club, it is necessary to complete the entire service content. The physical testing equipment is the core equipment of the Anyfit MS health management module. In addition to the physical test devices provided by Anyfit, Anyfit Open Data Back-End offers an API interface and active data exchange with members of the body testing provider. However, Anyfit needs to evaluate the club's existing instrument technology and take the next step, which may require a cost of technology and services for targeted development. Anyfit recommends that the club directly acquire an official collaboration on physical testing and other biometric testing devices. The smart curriculum experience is to solve the problem between membership and self motivation. At a lower price, the member's initial fitness effect is less and it is better to help members to stick to the plan on a regular basis. This is the same as when you hire a personal trainer. However, personal trainers have attentive service and emotional interventions in individual training that cannot be replaced by independent training. The group course needs more real trainers to clearly distinguish itself from the atmosphere of an independent training. Experience has therefore shown that the Smart Plan service differs from individual training. Intelligent training is actually an independent business project of the club. Until the Anyfit project emerges, it will complement the personal personal training and group training. This intermediate product has been missing from the club's operations for many years! Some members are more convinced that after online coaching they would need to hire a personal trainer. With more diverse services, the club can better address the different levels of membership, consumer demand in different directions, and support the member experience. Correct management of the club and product marketing can effectively reduce the contradiction between the products. The intelligent personal education service is like the group private tuition, it has an independent position and important meaning. In actual operation, the collaboration between the brand and the club is required and the optimization plan is continuously summarized. We offer a complete package, and clubs and members will undoubtedly benefit the most. How does this affect current personal training and group courses? As an eco club, can you only use the products provided by Anyfit? Anyfit offers the best solution for aerobic and strength equipment as well as for intelligent group equipment: All functions and hardware are tailored to the requirements of the club's intelligent training products. Function and design are a complete system that cannot be replaced. However, with the help of these standard devices, the club can create personalized content, such as: B. the use of EMS training equipment in combination with aerobic equipment to configure the training program for the respective training intensity of the members. For example, you can use the smart group feature to set up cycling and cross training for different sizes and numbers. TouchFit's room planning also offers the ability to make unlimited changes for different courses and instruments. The club can create its own intelligent curriculum based on its curriculum resources and the personal expertise of the trainer. The constantly evolving intelligent curriculum also creates unlimited possibilities for the service content