What is Sericulture in India

With the implementation of various phases of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) project, basic needs were addressed to bivoltine sericulture and this paved the way for introduction and subsequent expansion of bivoltine raw silk production in India. The success of the first two phases of the project enthused farmers, reelers and the sericultural organizations for taking up large scale promotion of bivoltine silk. The financial, technical and other supports are also provided in the plan allocations. With the success of the II Phase of the JICA project and the recommendation of the Preparatory Study Team based on a detailed study of the possibility of enlarging cooperation between JICA and Gov. of India in developing an extension system of bivoltine sericulture on a large scale, 'Project for Strengthening extension System for Bivoltine Sericulture in India (PEBS; III phase of the Project)' was launched during August 2002 for a period of 5 years. The project has envisaged the following objectives: Establishing an extension model for spread of bivoltine sericulture, establishing a system of mass production of quality seed, strengthening training system for staff of DOSs and farmers, and establishing coordination / collaboration mechanism among CSB and DOSs for extension of biovoltine sericulture. The Member Secretary, CSB, as Project Manaer has overall responsibility for administration and implementation of the project.

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  • Role of jica in development of bivoltine sericulture in india
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  • India, sericulture, silkworm, administration, cooperation, project, execution, support (decision support), cocoon, technology

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